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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. If the hotel use powdered whole egg for scrambled egg steer clear, the brand 'honeyville' for example have an allergy warning. Ingredients: Pasteurized whole egg with less than 2% sodium silico aluminate added as an anti-caking agent. Certified Kosher with documentation available upon request. Allergen information: Contains egg. This product is produced on equipment that processes products containing soy, milk, wheat, egg, peanut, and tree nuts. Bacon is naturally gluten free, eggs boiled, fried (clean pan) or poached (fresh water) are OK as is mushrooms or tomato (cooked in a clean pan) - no sausage or hash browns, Yoghurt fruit flavours (without seeds or grains) are fine. Bring your own favourite gluten free bread and 'tosta bags' Bring your own gluten free cereals in zipper bags. Nuts or dried fruit (check ingredients) for snacking
  2. Interesting Study. Conclusions The positive association between antibiotic use and subsequent celiac disease but also with lesions that may represent early celiac disease suggests that intestinal dysbiosis may play a role in the pathogenesis of celiac disease. However, non-causal explanations for this positive association cannot be excluded. http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-230X/13/109
  3. A urine sample maybe enough to Diagnose Celiac Disease in the future according to new studies. http://medicalxpress.com/news/2013-09-scientists-pee.html
  4. http://medicalxpress.com/news/2013-06-elevated-gluten-antibodies-children-autism.html
  5. Not Tolerating "low Gluten" Host

    The problem with the Approved low gluten Catholic host is it contains Codex Wheat Starch < 20PPM. People that react to it may have an additional Wheat allergy. I'm a Celiac with such a wheat allergy and a recovering alcoholic, so partaking of the wine is a no no for me. The priest just gives me a blessing at communion.
  6. Problem With Marking Forum As Read.

    Just noticed something strange ??????? If I don't sign in and check 'New Content' I get 2 pages which is correct, but If I sign in and check 'New Content' I get 18 pages - what's going on ???????
  7. Problem With Marking Forum As Read.

    Am I the only one that this is happening to ???? Does nobody else see this ??? It's not just on one computer but all computers I've used in different locations !!!!
  8. I logged in today and checked new content ... 18 pages of unread posts. Yesterday it was also 18 pages of unread posts ??????? I read the first page, then decided to try page 12, it was the same posts as I read yesterday. Went to bottom of page clicked mark community read, selected all, it did something and returned to the index page. I clicked on new content expecting none or maybe one or two, guess what!! 18 pages of unread posts. I feel like I'm locked in Limbo! It's not ground hog day by any chance LOL ???????
  9. This is only a query at the moment. I'm working on a bread recipe (among others) and when they are perfected and foolproof, I had contemplated making a video of ingredients, instructions, method etc. If it did not mention my websites and had no links or on screen data about websites and I posted a link to it on the forum Would I be breaking the self promotion rule ??? If I'm going to go ahead with this I want to get it right from the begining.
  10. Is There An Overview Video I Can Send To Family Members?

    I have a whole section on Videos about Celiac Disease on my website. Board rules forbid me naming it or providing a link to it, you'll have to look at my profile to find it! Can't help much more than that unfortunately.
  11. What Can I Do With Tapioca Flour?

    You might try this recipe using free range or organic eggs. Click link then choose recipe for BCB's (Brazillian Cheese Breads) http://livaad.nl/Livaadengels.htm
  12. Italy in general is very Celiac aware, you may find this useful. http://en.hotelsmeraldo.info/description-gluten-free-lazise-hotel-smeraldo.html
  13. http://www.healthysu...g-replacer.html
  14. Flour Substitution

    + Not sure if this helps, it's quick and easy to make though you'd need to use an egg replacer like this. Brazillian cheese breads http://www.livaad.nl/Prod38engels.htm
  15. Flour Substitution

    have you a problem with rice and cant use it ? what are you trying to make ??