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  1. Emily, My heart sank when I saw the news on CBC. My thoughts have been with you and your family since. What a lucky girl you were to have him as a father. And how fortunate your kids were to have him as their grandpa. I can only imagine how many people in Canada (and around the world) will be saddened by hearing of your dad's passing but who will also be spending time talking and reminiscing about the childhood memories they have of watching YCDTOT. Colin and I have been doing just that today. We will be thinking of you and your family during this difficult time. I'm sure you have been busy getting everything arranged and taken care, but make sure you remember to take care of yourself. Alex
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. My husband and I are planning a possible Europe trip this summer. We're planning on hitting Prague, Vienna, Amsterdam, and possibly Brussels. Does anyone have experience traveling to these places and using the gluten-free dining card at restaurants? How did it turn out? I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing but I don't want to let celiac disease get in the way of an awesome experience. We backpacked through England, France, and Switzerland before I had celiac disease and it was such a crazy time it's hard to imagine adding the whole gluten-free thing into the mix but I'm sure many celiacs have done it successfully. We're planning on staying in hotels part of the time but also hostels sometimes and it scares me to imagine dealing with being glutening while staying in a hostel! If anyone has any other tips/ideas from their gluten-free travel experiences, it would be very helpful.
  4. You might want to consider that the onset of puberty in guys is on average 12.5 years which would have been right around the time of your transition between grades 6 and 7. The onset of puberty and all of the crazy changing hormones during that time can trigger a whole bunch of things. Depression, anxiety, celiac disease, or whatever condition you may have might have been triggered by the onset of puberty. Not a rare occurrence. And with suddenly feeling self-conscious and socially anxious at that time when you weren't before, that's probably because around age 12 you (like everyone else) developed the cognitive ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes and understand that they might be judging and evaluating you. I'm not downplaying how difficult this has been/is for you but just know that it was totally normal for this self-consciousness to develop at that time. It sounds like this experience may have been more severe for you than others, which could probably be due to a variety of reasons. Anyway, I hope you can figure things out. And I certainly hope that you can get the support of you family or someone significant in your life. I know it can be tempting and promising to look for and hope for a magic bullet causing your distress but like many have said most issues are multifactoral. Depression involves really feeling helpless (from my point of view anyway) so it can feel good to have one extrinsic factor to which you can ascribe your distress and feel in control of. Be careful not to pin everything on one cause because if you change that and still feel distressed, you're only going to feel more helpless. Whatever you choose to do, please base it on advice from a professional/expert, not on advice from some unknown person like me!
  5. Hey there, I can't add much to the excellent information/advice you've gotten already but I just wanted to add that I also had a terrific gluten-free experience at Disney World. My husband and I went there this past summer -- we stayed on site and went with the dinning plan. We made all of our reservations in advance so every restaurant we went to already knew about my dietary needs. I always had a chef come out and talk to me when I got there. We ate a couple of buffets and a chef took me through to tell me what I could eat. At one of the buffets, I think the chef could sense my unease about the possibility of cross contamination and so she made me my own meal and brought it out to me! One of the best things is you never feel weird or like a nuisance when discussing your dietary needs at the restaurants. They were all very professional and eager to make sure I was able to eat safely. When we booked our vacation we upgraded our dining plan so that we had two table service meals per day and no counter service meals. I thought this would make it easier since I could make sure every restaurant knew about the gluten-free thing in advance. It did make things easy but ended up being way to much food! The one counter service place we ate brought out a manager to talk to us when I informed them about requiring gluten-free food and everything turned out well. It sounds like you've been doing quite a bit of research but just in case you haven't come across these, here are a few sites that give some information and tell of people's positive gluten-free experiences at Disney: http://allears.net/din/guestceliac.htm http://www.glutenanddairyfree.com/restaurants.html Have a great time! I understand your anxiety. I was so worried that I would be glutened and spend my much anticipated holiday in the bathroom. But everything turned out great. Disney just does things right. I'm pretty sure we will be taking many future vacations to Disney because it just makes things so much easier (and it's so much fun too!). Best of luck! Alex
  6. Hey, this looks like a side profile of Snoopy! Bonne f
  7. Hi, Celiac disease definitely could have been effecting your sister's blood sugars. I was diagnosed with type I after celiac so I don't have much experience with undiagnosed celiac affecting blood sugars but whenever I am glutened my blood sugar gets pretty erratic. I would bet that once she has been on the gluten-free diet for awhile and her villi heal there will be a good chance her blood sugars will become more manageable and predictable. Also the gluten-free and diabetic diets are pretty complimentary so that should help her too. I'm not sure about the polycystic ovary syndrome or the kidney problems so hopeful someone else can speak to that.
  8. Sarah, I just want to respectfully peak my head in and let you know I'm thinking about you and your two precious boys. I really wish I had some special knowledge to be able to give you some helpful advice. It sounds like others here have given you some good ideas -- especially about the legal aid. You and your little guys need an advocate to assure you get a fair shake. I'm so glad you have your parents to help you out. Lean on them and let them and everyone else you have in your corner help you out in any way they are able. You have all of my thoughts and prayers for strength and eventual peace of mind. Alex
  9. Very well said! I was attempting to come out of hiding when I happened upon (okay . . . willing looked against my better judgment) the thread which I believe caused your page stretching scream and I think I am outta here again. What's the point of contending with people who believe they are so smart that they somehow understand how a DEAD virus could make them sick. Somebody get these people a scholarship to MIT. I'm sure the experts in virology could use some help in coming up with an HIV vaccine. Oh that's right . . . vaccines are much more dangerous than any of the illnesses they protect against . . . how could I forget. Gulp . I don't think I'll ever be a good enough living tribute to my mom. Exhibit A being what I just posted above. Anger, sarcasm, lack of compassion -- not exactly the mark of a well raised kid. My mom embodied patience, understanding, and compassion; I don't know why I'm so lacking in those virtues. Maybe I just need to grow up a little more . . . I dunno . . . Sorry for all this very unfunny, unSillyness. Please feel free to ignore this yucky, party pooper post. I will try to stay away til I'm more centred and less pissed with all of the BS that gets posted by occasion around the board. Ugh, I wish I could get a break from myself while I'm in such a foul mood.
  10. Of course you can't disagree! Didn't you know that reading product endorsements and 250 word abstracts on the internet means you have a PhD in . . . um . . . everything! I feel like I'm asking for a warning . . . *scurries off * I understand that. Iron did nothing to slow things down for me when me villi were still healing . . . it just gave me heartburn! Good luck with the surgery tomorrow Janet!!!
  11. I hope the baking soda helped. If not we may have a bone to pick with St. John's Ambulance (does St. John's Ambulance even exist in the States? -- I'm thinking it might be a commonwealth thing.) I've been spending some time away from the forum to keep myself from posting what I really want to post to some of the non-Sillyville members. I think some of the things that I really want to post would be rude enough to get me banned. The antiestablishment sentiments of some people and the whinny "poor me" complaints of others just get me so angry. It's difficult because I want to think of myself as a nice person and typing expletives and such to these people would be a little incongruent with that. But I also want to think of myself as someone who stands up for what I think is right so not responding to these posts is frustrating. I don't know how to stand up for what I think is right without it becoming ugly and combative. I guess I just need to work on being compassionate and understanding why people are the way they are. Sigh . . . being a grown up is hard! And I've been spending quite a bit of time with Colin. I think he was glutened a little while ago because I had some distressed middle of the night phone calls from him and when I went over to keep him company he looked ill and was vomiting. He's doing better now. And he's "seeing someone" -- a very nice girl he met through someone at his work! I really hope it works out. Colin is a kind, intelligent, gentle guy and I think he would make a great husband and father. Speaking about campfire songs, is Jack leaving for his overnight camp soon? He must be getting excited! Hopefully you're not getting too nervous! I'm sure the house will feel empty with out him but I bet he'll have a bunch of great stories to tell when he gets back.
  12. Hey Patti, Ryan and I recently took CPR/First Aid since we sometimes look after his nieces and nephews and we are with our aging grandparents (and parents! ) quite often and so we wanted to be prepared for anything. Anyway, we learned that for bee stings it helps to put baking soda on the area because the bee venom stuff decreases the pH of the tissue causing some of the inflammation and pain. And for future reference if you get stung by a wasp you should put vinegar on it because wasp venom increases the pH of the tissue. Although I don't if this helps to relieve pain only if you do it shortly after the sting or if doing it now would help as well.
  13. AGREED on the irritating people. I had a much longer post bemoaning my annoyance with so many non-Sillyville posts/posters lately but it was kind of crazily rambling and a little too angry I think so I quickly got rid of it. I'm pretty much the same with everyone else here on the whole organic issue. I occasionally buy organic things but certainly don't go out of my way to do so. Saying that it is stupid to not buy all organic stinks of elitism and blurs what should be a clear line between personal opinion and scientific fact and those are two things that really get on my nerves.
  14. Happy birthday Peter! I hope you have a gluten-free, low sugar treat today!
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