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  1. I was happily eating that chicken for months with no symptoms. Then suddenly got sick everytime, same symptoms as gluten. Turns out from blood tests, I have an allergy to paprika, bell peppers and celery. Celery rxn is especially bad. Anyone else have a problem with celery?
  2. Definately! Research (NIH, ADA) indicates the benefit from flouride is only from topical application. Use a good flouridated toothpaste and mouthwash. We don't need to be swallowing it.
  3. Distilled or deionized water isn't dangerous or acidic like some folks think. It is completely neutral, lacking any buffering by salts or solutes. For this reason, taking a pH measurement of this water means nothing, as pH of pure water is not relevant! Would be happy If others with science background...
  4. I agree with the previous posters. Costco doesn't mfr them, and the product's ingredients can change, so it may be difficult to keep an updated gluten-free master list. Also, what they stock varies with store location and with time. My wife always tells me "if you see something at costco you want...