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  1. I have the same issue and also have 3 kids and work. I got my thyroid checked, and the TSH was a little out of range. Thyroid issues are tied to celiac. Mine is under-active/hypo, which makes it hard to lose weight. I have not gone to the doc yet but will in a few weeks and hope to get some medicine...
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. I have it and I don't know why - My MRI came back ok! It's been bothering me in conjunction with IT band trouble for years now. I'm trying pysical therapy again so that I might have a shot at running again!
  4. I get this, most recently in my left leg. I had a nerve test which showed no damage. My doctor also ran an ANA test for things like schleroderma and the rheumatic diseases to see if this was the cause (he already had diagnosed Reynaud's a while back). I actually think for me it is my muscles tightening...
  5. WARNING - if you get the Red Curry (or anything else with rice) at Doc Chey's - get white rice. Their brown rice contains gluten. I learned this the hard way.
  6. I am almost sure the one in Atlanta is ok too, but be sure you ask (post back if they say it's not so I can grill my people again. I hadn't seen the gluten-free markers at EarthFare! That's great - I will have to go back. I am always in the store, thinking, why don't they just put all the gluten...
  7. 'Lo - I'm in Athens as well - I work downtown and will second Last Resort. Porterhouse is also very accomodating, as is Doc Cheys - the Red Curry there is gluten and casein free (and delicious). I shop at Kroger - they have just about all the things I need from Earth Fare except the occasional Nanas...
  8. Sorry to ruin your statistics here, but I have ridculously high arches. So high it's hard to find shoes with uppers that will fit it and enough of an arch support to reach my arch.
  9. That doesn't happen to me, but I have definitely heard of a cold sore/gluten connection. It's one of the symptoms. I think I am gluten free, but I am seeing my food in my poop still :&. It's gross. Like a whole potato peel yesterday.
  10. I have started getting lots of neurological symptoms after going gluten free. My doctor is looking into my adrenals. Something to look into if you haven't already.
  11. I would actually recommend a DO or MD (but preferably DO) who practices functional medicine for all people with Celiac. They look at the whole picture and what all your Celiac is causing. I had never heard of functional medicine or DOs until lately, but the DO I just saw was right on the nose with...
  12. I get pain on the left when breathing in sometimes too, bottom of the rib cage. I haven't had any pain relating to the breast bone though. I have had injuries that refuse to heal, likely because of the malabsorption. Probably on my body's "to do" list once all the little villi are happy. Haha...
  13. These are the same symptoms I have, and I had positive blood work. Still two more weeks till I get a definitive diagnose, but I definitely think these can be symptoms.
  14. I get that sometimes, and it is usally an anal fissure (awful term, I know). They usually come from bouts of constipation and can be very painful because that is a hard place for them to heal and a very sensitive place, obviously. Because it is bright red and on the tissue, it is not a big deal health...