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  1. krystynycole

    Son Has Acid Reflux

    It is very possible it could be a sign of celiac. With all of my symptoms, exerice and increased activity only makes...
  2. I've never had problems either too and I too have never had problems. Sounds like a typical CYA statement (cover your...
  3. I LOVE McFlurries! They put the spoon in a stirring device so your own spoon mixes, not a pole like at Dairy Queen. This...
  4. In my experience by me in the midwest it depends on the McDonalds and what there practices are and more importantly how...
  5. krystynycole


    Do you have Super Walmart by you (the walmart fresh foods)? I can find Tinkyada pasta at a decent price there. I can...
  6. krystynycole

    Kellog's Rice Crispies?

    I was just making some fruity pebbles treats of my own and low and behold the back of the box advertised for gluten free...
  7. krystynycole

    Kellog's Rice Crispies?

    Pre made are out (sorry!). As far as making them on your own, in my store they sell both regular (with malt) and gluten...
  8. krystynycole

    Toy Yorkie Loses 9 Teeth To Gum Disease

    My dog looked drugged and beaten for days after getting 3 teeth pulled too! We even took him home earlier because my...
  9. In my experience, not all stores have all the food listed on there. Around here we have Food 4 Less (which is Kroger...
  10. Hey all....I found a coupon for $1.00 off any Glutino or Gluten Free Pantry Item. I don't know if they will block this...
  11. krystynycole

    Recipe Suggestions?

    There should also be some sort of medical exemption for you I would imagine. You may have to have some paperwork filled...
  12. krystynycole

    Recipe Suggestions?

    Can you use a griddle? What about a quesodilla maker? You can make all sorts of things on it super quick
  13. krystynycole

    Staying In Hotels

    Some hotels will provide a small kitchen, but you will have to pay for the upgrade. Also, you can buy a single electric...
  14. krystynycole


    He he...
  15. krystynycole

    Pregnant And Nauseated - Help!

    I am 10 weeks pregnant and there are a few things I always have handy. First is ginger ale. This is a life saver and...