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  1. I don't understand your need to criticize gluten-free Watchdog for saying they can't recommend Nima. If I was asked, I couldn't recommend it either. Why is it necessary for another party to agree with your assessment? It's a difference of opinion. So what? This appears petty and malicious. gluten-free Watchdog has done more to protect my health by alerting me to potential dangerous gluten-free products and now a testing device, than Celiac.com ever has, in my nine years of being a diagnosed Celiac. I'm disabled from the neurological manifestations of celiac disease. If I get any am
  2. I was diagnosed with both Celiac Disease and Gluten Ataxia in Jan 2009. I was bed bound, cognitive problems, neuropathy etc...I never had gut issues. My story was featured in a "Living Without"(now Gluten Free and More magazine) article in April/May 2014 issues. "Gluten and Your Brain" is the article name. https://www.glutenfreeandmore.com/issues/4_31/gluten-and-your-brain-3666-1.html?page=4 It took me over six months to recover back to my new "normal". My Gastro finally put me on Rx probiotics. That seemed to really turn the tide for me. Because I was over 50 when I was diagnosed,
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