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  1. All I have to say is DON'T EAT the pizza! I haven't had a bad reaction to gluten since last Christmas and some of my other food triggers had gone away so I lied to myself about my sensitivity. I started feeling super fatigued, but excused it away with stress and such (while continuing to eat the pizza). Got more and more tired with a low lying headache every day. Had the pizza at a work function on Friday and am on day 4 of a migraine so bad I can't work. Awesome. My fault, really - but still a huge lesson learned and a good reminder.
  2. I've had symptoms last 3 weeks after a glutening, they can definitely last a while. I've found that what works for my symptoms (inflamed digestive system, hurting stomach, bloating etc) is aloe vera and probiotics. I take them every morning before anything else and you can just feel it sooth. Peppermint tea is also very soothing while you recover. You might want to keep a food diary and see if there's anything else that could possibly be bothering you. If you were totally fine and then only had discomfort after eating what someone else made.....then I'd say you probably got cc'd somewhere along the way. You can make yourself crazy trying to nail down what it was, or you can just focus on trying to sooth and rebuild. I really hope you start feeling better! I know how much of a bummer this can be. Hang in there!
  3. My family was so amazing about making everything gluten free. They washed everything down, used separate cloths for anything floury etc. I feel so blessed to be so well taken care of. Unfortunately, I accidentally drank out of the wrong cup on Friday and it turned out my sister had eaten a sandwich while she drank out of that cup....so I spent Christmas Eve in serious pain. It built during the day and by the time we got to the sitdown prime rib dinner I couldn't eat. Oh well! I learned my lesson about grabbing a drink off the counter and not making sure it's mine! Sounds like a bunch of people had great success though! Good times!
  4. Ok. I knew that I had seen a thread that was really encouraging a while back. I searched and searched and came up with it! This thread was encouraging to me, particularly the quote I inserted below. You're doing the best that you can to stay away from gluten. I think you probably need to cut yourself a bit of a break and try and focus on something else. Whenever I get a little down about stuff or want a nice treat I get myself a nice juicy rib eye and grill it up and serve it with some mashed potatoes. Pour yourself a nice glass of wine and toast to yourself for having the self control to make it 8 months in! You're doing great. Continuing to feel bad when you're putting this much work into it is a bummer. You know the drill keep a food journal, elimination diet blah blah blah. Hope this all helps!
  5. I just usually reply with a "oh no thanks, I've got food allergies" and no one questions further. I know you want to keep personal and work life separate - but I don't think that crosses the line. Lots of people have food allergies, and you don't need to get down into the details of why and how and what you've got going on. You can always quickly follow that up with a "gosh I love your earrings/shirt/shoes/presentation" etc to keep any further questions from coming. Honestly, getting that out of the way will keep people from questioning further and can help to keep you from looking like a snob who doesn't want to participate in stuff like that.
  6. Sorry to hear about your intolerances. I know it is difficult to work with multiple ones. I would have to agree with the other posters that encouraged you to shop the "outside" of the store. At this point you're wanting to be very gentle to your digestive system. Try to go a little bland, and let things work out slowly. I would steer clear of the processed foods for now. I totally understand being tired. I'm single, cook my own food etc. I've found that making extra when I cook and freezing portions works nicely for those days when I don't have time or energy to cook. I have a baby crockpot that I use almost every day in the winter. You can get pretty creative with it, throw everything in the pot the night before and let it simmer while you're at work. Hopefully your fatigue will slowly work itself out, but be kind to yourself as you're healing. As far as thanksgiving goes, I am planning on bringing some of everything over to my folks. Milk and dairy is hard to avoid at stuff like this. I make mashed potatoes with broth (yummy!) I don't put butter on turkey, try rubbing it in olive oil. It is going to be hard to get your mind wrapped around all the modifications you will need to do and try and have a normal holiday season, but it can be done! Good luck, I promise it gets easier. As you start feeling better and getting used to your new lifestyle everything will start running smoother. Good luck!
  7. I would definitely try going off soy. I never have believed it was the super health food like so many others did. Especially with it being genetically modified and round-uped within an inch of its life I think it's best to stay away. Yeah, soy and corn are hard to stay away from in combination with gluten....but after a little bit it will become second nature! There are chips (natural Kettle brand) that are soy free, you can find soy free chocolate, and I just make my own mayonnaise. Good luck!
  8. OMG. I'm still sick almost 4 weeks later from a tiny crumb of crouton in my salad. I really hope your symptoms don't last long! That was some serious glutening! I would definitely find a guilty pleasure that is gluten free for emergencies next time! There are some awesome donut recipes out there that are gluten-free.
  9. Iodized salt has dextrose in it to keep it from clumping. You might want to check and see if you have a sensitivity to corn instead of the iodine. As for fresh chicken and dried beans - those should be salt free, unless the chicken you get is injected with any type of solution. You might check with the butcher to be safe. Real salt is iodine free. I actually have my own little S&P shakers that I carry with me because of the dextrose in table salt. Good luck!
  10. Hey! Sorry you're having a rough time. I know it can be a bummer. What I'd recommend doing is learning how to create your own goodies. Google "Elana's Pantry" for some great gluten/dairy free recipes for cookies/cakes/muffins etc. Next time your friends invite you for tea, go and bring a plate of goodies with you! Same goes for snacks. Try: fruit leather, nuts, raisins, dried cranberries, chips, chocolate, gluten free pepperoni sticks if you can find them, homemade cookies and cake. Honestly, the processed gluten-free stuff is fairly yucky and expensive. It's better to learn how to make it yourself. As you can see from my signature I'm fairly limited, so I know how hard it can be! Honestly, we just have to learn to keep our chin up and make lemonade out of these life lemons. I know it's hard, I was in training on a military facility all last week and ended up eating nothing but little packets of tuna and wilted lettuce because the kitchen didn't realize that white flour came from wheat. Yeah, I was near tears some days just because I was so hungry and frustrated. But you know, we have the opportunity to be healthy! And another thing, this might just be my bad attitude.....but I figure I'm limited enough in what I eat. So if I want to have something like chips, I eat them. I've lost 55 pounds since Feb so it's not like I have a weight issue. I figure I'm restricted enough as it is. If all else fails, go out and buy yourself a big juicy ribeye and some shrimp. Grill the rib eye, sautee the shrimp in a bit of olive oil/garlic/fresh lemon juice and serve with fresh broccoli and a baked potato. That's my go to meal when I feel sorry for myself. Good luck!
  11. I have taken a good probiotic in the past, but haven't the last couple of weeks because of traveling. I will start that up again when I return home! Thanks for the activated charcoal idea. I will definitely test that! I'm sorry to hear your reactions are so long too. Kinda a bummer to go through that for a baby crumb.
  12. I got nailed but good with a crouton crumb in a salad on Sept 20th. I was sick sick for 4 days, throwing up, couldn't eat a thing etc. My stomach felt inflamed and sore with a weird burning sensation that is hard to describe. Now I'm over 2 weeks out from the initial glutening and I'm still having issues. I can't eat very much at a time, I suddenly will get nauseous in the middle of eating. My stomach bloats a tiny bit every time I eat, especially if I eat fruit. I'm still dealing with D, though it's not bad by any means. Does anyone have any suggestions to heal my gut up some? I'm really getting a little tired of this! Not to mention hungry... Does anyone else have reactions that last this long??
  13. You all should give Trio bars a try. I love them, and they're much yummier than Lara Bars. They have three seeds, nuts and fruits in them. As far as airplane food, I just flew and packed a baggie of sliced peaches and a baggie of chicken to eat with gluten free crackers. I also have salad dressing in little carry on size toiletry containers, fruit strips, nuts, chips, apples, salt and pepper (dextrose in table salt), CHOCOLATE!! They've never blinked. The little tuna packets are great too. I get the ones packed in olive oil to avoid the soy broth (this is saving me from 4 days of starvation right now!). You can also get little packets of peanut butter and almond butter to put on apples or gluten free crackers etc. I try to make sure I have a good combination of protein and carb options so I don't get too hungry. Oh! Hormel has a gluten free pepperoni stick that is nice too. I got a big bag at Costco.
  14. >sigh< I'm discovering that. I bought the clothes, got glutened and lost 5 pounds, and now I'm traveling for 2 full weeks and with the food options available I'm gonna lose more. I'm at a government facility and had made arrangements for food, but when they asked if I could have plain white flour with a "wheat" allergy (they didn't know what gluten was) I decided to buy some packs of tuna and am gonna rock the tuna and salad with my own dressing for 2 weeks. My poor clothes. As far as gaining goes...are you eating many of the gluten free processed foods and replacements? Those usually have less nutrition and more calories than their gluteny counterparts. I have so many allergies/intolerances that I just have to eat whole foods. That might help!
  15. I looked it up....and though hard to see many symptoms it seems like the type of pain comes in "waves" where my pain is a constant. Almost like my stomach and intestines are completely contracted and never release. Thanks for the idea and I will continue researching!
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