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  1. Tonight was fish tacos...mmmmmmmm. So good! Tomorrow night is coconut beef in the crock pot served over rice with steamed brocolli.
  2. It's Indian Night/Deep Fryer Friday Pakoras with chutneys (mango and tamarind) Aloo Gobi (Cauliflower and Potato curry) Masoor Dal (Curried Lentils) Butter Chicken Jasmine Rice Caramel Custard for dessert (It's in the oven now and making my house smell all nice and custardy).
  3. French toast (made with Simona's Challa I baked yesterday) and bacon. It's only 3:50 here and I'm going to go start cooking because I can't wait any longer!
  4. Tonight is exciting! Salmon we caught ourselves a couple months ago and potatoes and acorn squash I harvested out of my garden this afternoon!
  5. I had a slurpee the other day and it was so nice on a hot day. I felt crappy half way through because it's been years since I dumped that much sugar in my bloodstream at one time but I didn't get glutened.
  6. I am so freaking excited to start cooking dinner tonight! Butter chicken Jasmine Rice Aloo Gobi (Cauliflower and potato curry) with the cauliflower and potatoes from my own garden! Pakoras with tamarind and mango chutneys All homemade! I love cooking Indian food but only find the time once...
  7. For dinner: Corn spaghetti with marinara sauce, corn on the cob and hamburger patties leftover from the other night. For dessert: Homemade hot chocolate, homemade oatmeal raisin cookies and cashew clusters from Costco.
  8. That sounds really good. My husband teases me about hoarding butter. It's cheapest at Costco so whenever we are there I'll grab a few pounds whether I need them or not. Right now I probably have 9 or 10 pounds of butter scattered in our 3 freezers and 2 fridges. I like butter
  9. Probably pancakes tonight. Maybe corn spaghetti and sauce with some ground beef or turkey. Not feeling very inspired as the older girls are with family in Vietnam for the summer and my husband is out of town for work and the other kids and I aren't huge eaters.
  10. Tonight is our Vietnamese girls' last night at home before they head back to Vietnam for a 2 month holiday with family. We are going to make sushi, tempura and chicken kaarage. (I bought a deep fryer yesterday!). Can't wait!!
  11. So, cook it first or brush it when raw and then roast it? Dinner wound up being bacon and pancakes made with Pamela's mix. Man do I love that stuff for pancakes.
  12. Bacon. I honestly haven't though further than that for tonight and it's 5:00 now.
  13. Split pea soup with mennonite sausage, cheese and glutino "ritz" on the side.