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  1. Update: I had 2 days where I felt awful and then I woke up Sunday morning feeling more or less okay. My back is a bit tight and I've had moments of stomach upset but all in all, totally manageable with some Tylenol. I popped some Immodium...
  2. I was told 2-3 servings of gluten for 6 weeks. Blood test doesn't need to be scheduled, I can get a lab requisition from my GP and can get an appt with her with 2 or 3 days notice. As far as I know, endoscopy would only be scheduled if blood...
  3. I probably am. I'm just afraid of not having enough. I want to know going in to the testing (if I last that long) that I have definitely done enough to get a positive test if indeed I have Celiac.
  4. So I've been gluten free for 2 1/2 years. My doctor has been wanting me to do a gluten challenge and I've refused. However, my middle son was diagnosed with Autism recently and as part of the full physical workup his pediatrician wants...
  5. So a week ago I bought 1000 Gluten Free Recipes by Carole Fenster for my tablet. I was curious and it was an experiment to see if I liked cookbooks on my tablet rather than in paper format. I discovered that I hate cookbooks as ebooks...
  6. I eat New York Fries all the time at the mall and have never been glutened. Also Booster Juice (just no Boosters, at least one of them has gluten) and Qoola frozen yogurt.
  7. Poppi

    Does Anyone Else Just Not Join In?

    I will join in when people get together at restaurants because the vast majority of my friends and family will double check with me and pick a restaurant I can eat at safely. Potlucks? Nope. I loathe potlucks. Last one I went to all I...
  8. I am just shy of 11 months gluten free and one thing I noticed when I went gluten free was that coffee also made me feel awful. I would feel glutened for 2-3 hours complete with brain fog, sour stomach, big D, back ache and headache. ...
  9. Poppi

    Things People Say To Celiacs

    Or my personal favourite which I have heard from everyone from family members to grocery store cashiers..."Ugh, I would kill myself if I couldn't have pasta/bread/croissants/cake." Wow. You just said my life is not worth living. Think...
  10. My oldest son does all the chicken feeding but I do the vast majority of the animal care so I touch the birds quite a lot. Plus I scatter straw in their runs and nest boxes and it's msot likely wheat straw. I usually wash all my clothes...
  11. I have always said that the worst part of celiac is not being able to just go out for dinner or enjoy all the dishes at a potluck or be spontaneous about eating out. I was wrong. The worst part of celiac is having sudden, painful...
  12. A fried egg (laid only minutes earlier by one of our backyard chickens) with cheese, sour cream and salsa on a corn tortilla. Yummy in my tummy.
  13. Nutella is most definitely gluten free! And there are many donut recipes out there.
  14. Poppi

    How Careful Must I Be?

    Your own gluten free home is definitely the easiest! I am lucky because we have 2 kitchens. So the upstairs kitchen (My kitchen) is 100% gluten free. The downstairs kitchen is gluten central. Other than making a PBJ for the kids once...
  15. Poppi

    Travel To Dominican Rebulic

    May I ask when your vacation is? The only reason I ask is because if the vacation was next week or something I might just consider doing the best you can and then going 100% gluten-free when you get back. Barring that I would call...