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  1. maximoo


    I buy the gluten-free hot pockets for my kids at Aldi. They are ok. Their gluten-free wraps & cookies are decent.
  2. My kids are not the sensitive type so anything that says gluten-free, is perfectly fine. I know they eaten cross contaminated foods w/ o any issues, and have even been gluten ex on occasion. No problems.
  3. Honey nut Cheerios now says gluten free on the front of the box! My kids had to stop eating it yrs ago when they tested positive. And now they are able to eat it again! I always wondered since this is an oat cereal why it wouldn't be...
  4. The cinnamon is very weak, u can barely taste it, so sprinkling a touch of cinnamon sugar gives it the boost it needs. My DD prefers it with syrup tho.
  5. maximoo


    The gluten-free Hot Pockets are a hit in my house. YES! a quick after school thing to eat!
  6. Lisa, don't u find the vans waffles rather crumbly?
  7. I was in target ystrdy n to my surprise I eyed EGGO gluten-free waffles! I had no idea they even existed! There's cinnamon or plain available. I bought 1 box of each n tried the cinnamon this a.m. It was crispy outside n fluffy inside, not...
  8. Hey julissa...thx for the info but raw & vegan...? Yuck! Lol what other restaurants do u go to? My DD went to Cheesecake Factory at sawgrass & she had a gluten-free meal hamburger on a gluten-free bun, and they have gluten-free...
  9. At target today I saw n bought the eggo waffles. I got 1 box of ea n we will be testing them 2 mrw a.m. I was surprised to see them. I have not seen the gluten-free Special K yet but my antennas will be up next time I go shopping.
  10. Laura yes make some meatball subs. So good n filling! The Udis French baguettes are perfect.
  11. Went to BJs as I ran out of meatballs but they didn't have the turkey gluten-free, They had a beef/pork offering that's also gluten-free. We like these too, but if given a choice would buy the turkey. put these meatballs (or any gluten...
  12. maximoo


    the pancakes are ok! Spoke to mngr how the missing chkn noodle soup. He said he's been asked a lot about it and orders it every day but the warehouse doesnt have any at this time. He claims corporate & the manufacturers are working...
  13. maximoo


    Now aldi has gluten-free frozen pancakes . Kids will try them 2mrw. Now the chicken noodle soup has disappeared off the shelf!! I need to talk to the manager. My DD likes the soup a lot..
  14. The COOKED PERFECT gluten-free meatballs at BJ'S are larger than the CASA ones at sams. They fit the hogie bread better but for spaghetti n meatballs I prefer the smaller CASA meatballs.
  15. My sams finally got the turkey gluten-free meatballs. So-o-o good!!!