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  1. And if you were talking about Salsa Dancing then... Maybe try the Tango.
  2. What about Guacamole? You can leave tomatoes out and add just the right amount of spice/flavor to suite your taste.
  3. Sometimes the food is not the issue but how you cooked it. If you grilled them on a grill or used utensils that gluten...
  4. RL2011

    Oats Confusion

    I eat gluten-free oatmeal (Bob's Redmill gluten-free Old Fashioned Oats (slow cook kind)) 2 or 3 times a week. I was...
  5. RL2011

    Tax Break For Celiac, Really?

    I am not giving tax advice here. If you are not well versed in taxes in the USA then I suggest seeking advice from a...
  6. RL2011

    How Old Are You?

    I am 51 years old.
  7. RL2011

    Red Heads

    You Gingers have all kinds of added issues (said laughingly).
  8. Here is an interesting read on the subject of gluten in wine. The Problem of Gluten in Wine I suggest reading the...
  9. RL2011

    Birthday Cake

    For older kids, my suggestion is a Flourless Chocolate Cake or Brownie served warm with vanillaice-cream and a raspberry...
  10. RL2011

    My First Celiac Kiss :(

    mamaw, The desert was not my primary interest.
  11. RL2011

    My First Celiac Kiss :(

    Hi, The best advice is... Date someone that also has celiac disease and your problems are solved. I have also had...
  12. The only time I threw up from gluten was after many years of cumulative damage to my digestive system just prior to going...
  13. RL2011

    Hot Enough For You?

    Now that's hot!
  14. I can say that I have not craved gluten foods except beer. One day I will find a tasty gluten-free beer... And there...
  15. RL2011

    Samples From My Dinners

    Your dishes look and sound great! I hope you continue being passionate about your food. Let me know if you need an...