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  1. I've been eating mountains of rice since becoming gluten-free about 7 years ago. Anyone else concerned about what's been in the news lately about arsenic levels in rice? I started suffering the return of gut issues about 2 years after...
  2. dws

    Did I Have Too Much Dairy?

    You're lucky you have a good nutritionist who is familiar with celiac. Wish I could find one.
  3. Does that mean you have checked them out re fining agents and barrels?
  4. dws

    Did I Have Too Much Dairy?

    I'm not sure what's up with the kefir for you. Like yogurt, it has less lactose than milk and is advertised as having less lactose than yogurt. It does tend to be loaded with super high levels of probiotics, so maybe those upset your system...
  5. Thanks, that was an interesting read. I stumbled across some previous forum topics about wine and it seems like it may be a concern depending on your level of sensitivity. Has anyone done enough research to know which semi cheap wines...
  6. dws

    My First Celiac Kiss :(

    Sounds like a good strategy. You'll just have to make sure you get him hooked with some really good kisses so you can reveal the gluten-free thing sooner rather than later. Edit: I just thought of the perfect plan! Take the guy skinny...
  7. Well, maybe it would be worth my time to check in with a few barrel makers just to lay this to rest. Pusser's Rum is something I have been wanting to try again, but I have never gotten any response from them re gluten issues. I wonder...
  8. I was doubting that wine,whiskey,rum,etc. barrels were held together by wheat containing glue as I had heard. The pieces really aren't glued together I thought, so I went to a couple of web sites to see what was what. I found out, much...
  9. dws

    My First Celiac Kiss :(

    I totally understand what you mean. I have stayed in a marriage that I probably should have gotten out of long ago partly because I don't know how I would date with all the gluten issues. Dealing with the curve balls life throws at you...
  10. Well, the mixed kitchen can be a tough road to travel. Since we're talking parts per million, it's hard to feel comfortable preparing food in a kitchen also used by gluten eaters. Flour floats around like crazy and gets everywhere. My...
  11. I had a very similar thing happen to me except with me, it was stretched out over a longer period of time. My miraculous recovery lasted about a year and a half. What helped me a lot was what I learned from this forum about dealing with...
  12. Hang in there Joe. I'm starting to come out of a similar bad spell, though my depression tends to be more mild to moderate. If you haven't eliminated all processed foods yet, give that a try. For me it takes about 2-3 weeks on that type...
  13. So I'm out with friends at a soccer game having a really good time. They go to the snack stand and get their food, and I pull my baked potato out of my pocket and eat that. Worked out great and I am getting used to this kind of routine...
  14. Do you use any of the Thai rice flours? If so, what brand? How about potato starch? If I could do well with those 2 ingredients, a lot would open up for me as far as baking options. Thanks, Dave
  15. I don't mean to dash your hopes as far seeing Dr. Fasano is concerned, but I was having the same problems and he and his nutritionist didn't help at all. They were pretty hung up on the 20ppm thing and were baffled at why I was having the...