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  1. Because sometimes you need poison to get rid of pests in your house. Nothing else works for this along with my other...
  2. Yes you're right. This is where the conversation is going. Because people walk into the bathroom and trek gluten around...
  3. Does what they spray have any gluten to worry about though?
  4. And we're currently in the cold...snow on the ground.
  5. This is the weird thing about these guys....they don't seem to have any rhyme or reason to what they are looking for...
  6. OH yes and we bought ant traps...they go into them but they are not taking the bait.
  7. This has been going on for over a week now and I kindly ask that you read this whole message. I do not want "natural...
  8. 123glldd

    Staying In Hotels

    Unfortunately the first half of my journey gluten free i never stuck to whole foods..i was eating amy's until september...
  9. 123glldd

    Staying In Hotels

    Currently being tested for casein...hoping that will come back fine so dairy can be had eventually. I have limited calcium...
  10. 123glldd

    Staying In Hotels

    I've tried telling my husband that but it just seems like luck is not on our side..in every part of life right now. To...
  11. 123glldd

    Staying In Hotels

    That did happen once somewhere else....a hotel gave us a room that hadn't been cleaned yet but we complained and got...
  12. 123glldd

    Staying In Hotels

    Thank you this is all i'm saying....I wanted to know why it was considered to not be a worry. I am asking this stuff...
  13. 123glldd

    Staying In Hotels

    Lisa- if there is gluten from laundry detergent....just as people worry about at home...and they touch it with their...
  14. 123glldd

    Staying In Hotels

    What about sheets and it being on ur hands?
  15. 123glldd

    Staying In Hotels

    These tummy aches weren't related to food gluten that's why i was wondering if something i was inhaling something in...