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  1. hahaha no no not eating them but in case i touch it or my husband touches it at some point and our fingers touch our mouths we just assume make sure heh
  2. So I have this small book of temporary fairy tattoos. It lists ingredients in the back of the book: PVA (polyvinyl acetate) CoPlymer, POlyester resin, modified varnish, deoderized petroleum, silicon dioxide, aluminum silicate, iron oxide, FD&C yellow #5 & 6 Aluminum Lake, D&C Red ...
  3. Likewise we were impressed by chuck e cheese's idea as well. Really hope we get it in this area. We don't care if it's for kids...we're big kids anyhow lol
  4. I honestly don't handle nausea well....I'll be a wreck as I have a severe fear of throwing up etc
  5. Do any of you find that cast iron skillets help a lot? I think i saw something online about chewable vitamins made for this sort of thing?
  6. Thanks so much for helping me understand this. I was kinda confused. I love Rudi's bread and my husband had a gluten free everything bagel and he LIKES IT! Yay!! lol
  7. So..I have yet to get my iron checked....I hear iron pills tend to upset peoples stomachs....and I have a fear of throwing up. I have recently discovered you can get vitamins as trans-dermal cream. Does anyone know if there is iron supplement cream? *hopeful* Otherwise...eek! I dunno what to do ...
  8. Hello! I'm new to the forum Me and my husband have been trying to get gluten free now for a while. We visited a Whole Foods for the first time the other day. My husband use to LOVE Dunkin Donuts Everything Bagels....to our shock Whole Foods had gluten free everything bagels. So we brought it home...