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  1. Thanks for posting this Vit. E issue. I looked at my MultiVit. which listed Vit E(60 IU, 200%DV) as dL alpha T( the synthetic version). Need to find a new brand now.
  2. I've been eating these bars for about a year and concerning gluten, been fine with them. Depends on your sensitivity to gluten. GI Doc says I'm OK with 0 to 19 ppm as labeled gluten free. I drink a glass of water with each bar and it helps with digestion.
  3. http://www.njit.edu/news/2010/2010-053.php ,see paragraph 6.
  4. I use Colgate Sensitive, Enamel/protect. Inactive ingredients does not list corn.
  5. I have celiac disease for 30 years, I don't have UC. I cheated in 2007 and again in 2012 (suspect CC) but bloody stool due to celiac disease? NO. Hope this helps.
  6. I haven't drank pepsi or coke in decades. Perhaps you get ill from the phosphoric acid therein. For me, combing this acid with stomach acid ( HCL) gave me stomach upset. Something else to consider.
  7. No. never had night sweats in 30 years of GFD. Night sweats is listed as a GABA deficiency physical symptom. It is a brain chemical (gamma-aminobutyric acid) which controls anxiety/panic. Also, nervious stomach, IBS, muscle tension/aches,headache, dry mouth, diarrhea, etc(42 in all). I have sleep...