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  1. Lisa, can I ask where you got your information that processing renders hydrolyzed wheat protein gluten free? Every list I see of foods to avoid has this listed on it. I can't find any information other than this post stating that it's safe. I would love to cross it off my "avoid" list though
  2. I'm not sure if you meant Think Thin bars, but if so, they make me sick too. I ate two of them about 2 days apart and had the same horrible stomach cramps both times.
  3. Uggg! I suffered for 2 weeks from a reaction I thought was from some gluten free Mexican food (I assumed cross-contamination). Now I'm betting it was the Clancy's tortilla chips I ate with it! I must have skimmed over the oat fiber when reading the ingredients. How can they say they are "naturally gluten free"? Into the trash they go!! I'm just hoping the 3 chips I just ate don't screw me up for another 2 weeks
  4. Thank you. I try and be very mindful, but I can always do better. I have to eat at a restaurant tomorrow for my sister's bachelorette party. I was already planning on bringing my own spices but now I'll bring my own silverware too.
  5. wartburg03

    Gluten Binges... Help

    Have you tried a sugar control diet? It's very restrictive but after 2 months my blood sugar sugar was back to normal (I had reactive hypoglycemia before that) and my sugar and carb cravings were gone. I now am back to eating normally (but NEVER gluten) and plan on doing the sugar control diet a few times a year for a few weeks at a time for detox purposes.
  6. Oh absolutely. I find I can't think of the right word to say, I can't multitask, and I get irritable and anxious. (Now that I'm gluten free I have fingernails for the first time in my life Bonus!)
  7. My blood sugar went crazy after I went gluten free, and I was waking up every few hours due to that. I would keep a piece of fruit by my bed to eat and then I could fall back asleep. Going on a sugar control diet for a couple of months got my body back to regulating my sugar normally and my sleep is much better now.
  8. wartburg03

    Grain Sensitivity Reality

    Grains in general are inflammatory. Like you, I react to corn as well as gluten, but when my blood sugar was out of whack I reacted to all grains. After going on a sugar control diet (fruits, veggies, meat, and whole milk only) for about 2 months, I am back to only reacting to corn and gluten and back to eating other foods. Maybe it's something that would work for you?
  9. Thanks. The napkins are a good idea. I didn't want to go overboard, but maybe it's worth it if it will keep me from reacting.
  10. I've been gluten free for 3 months, and after having my blood sugar go insane for the first 2 months, I am finally healing and feeling good. A friend stayed with me for 3 days recently and only ate gluten containing foods twice, a sandwich and a hamburger bun. She was really careful to clean up afterward and not share utensils or double-dip into the peanut butter jar. We also ate at the mall food court (but packed our own lunches, my friend eating her wheat bread sandwich across from me. I did touch her ziploc bag briefly), then took a trip to Whole Foods. At the end of the shopping trip I began experiencing some mild gluten symptoms which have continued for 2 days so far. Is it possible for me to be that sensitive to a bread crumb? Could I have touched something at Whole Foods? Was the table at the food court contaminated? I'm new to this gluten free diet, live alone, and have not dared to eat out yet, so I'm not sure how sensitive a person can be or if maybe I did accidentally eat something (but I can't think of anything I ate that was new). Does anyone else react to such minute things?
  11. I too have been cold sore free since I went off gluten 3 months ago (knock on wood!) I have been eating nuts and chocolate (used to bring on an almost immediate cold sore) like crazy too! I hope it lasts
  12. I know gluten is a problem for me, but I tested negative for celiac with 2 blood tests. I'm awaiting the results of an intestinal biopsy. One symptom I have that I attribute to the effects of gluten is bad teeth (eroding enamel and teeth that break easily- 2 in the past 11 months). Did anyone experience an improvement in dental health after going gluten free, or has the damage already een done?
  13. I recently self diagnosed a gluten sensitivity and have been gluten free for 2 months. I waited until my celiac bloodwork came back negative but then went gluten free anyway. 2 days ago I had an upper endoscopy but I don'tknow if my biopsies would show celiac at this point even if I had it. I also had a colonoscopy (I'm a 32 yo female, not normally high risk, but my brother had 3 polyps removed at 26 about 5 years before he went gluten free). They did find and remove one and I'm awaiting those results as well. So I guess I'm saying that I don't know if I have celiac or non celiac gluten sensitivity, but I had a polyp so it's something to watch for. Good luck with your health!
  14. I'm in the same boat right now, so I can sympathize. I only got a couple of weeks of relief after going gluten free before I began reacting to everything! Corn, Gluten-Free oats, buckwheat, coffee, overripe bananas and spinach older than a few days, carrots, coconut, white potatoes... to compound the problem, I've been dairy free my whole life, egg white free since age 9, and soy free for the past few years. I'm also prone to cold sores so I have to avoid arginine rich foods like nuts, brown rice, and mushrooms. So for the past month I've been eating a few veggies, apples, organic beef and chicken, flax milk,egg yolks, sweet potatoes, sweet potato chips, and organic tuna. Exclusively. I'm hoping my body is just freaking out after going gluten free and will settle down someday. Good luck to you!
  15. Thanks! I just ordered some Squigle on Amazon, and I will also look into the Green Beaver Company.