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  1. Kirkland brand at Costco is also soy-free, and much cheaper than Whole Foods!
  2. I just sent an inquiry to Ricola and got a reply back; apparently they are NOT completely gluten-free! Here's the email I sent: I would like to know more about the gluten-free status of Ricola cough drops. Your web site says that they contain less than 0.01% gluten. Does this mean that...
  3. Oh, goody. Guess I'll pass on the 7th generation, then. Jeanne
  4. Well, I'm pretty sure that when I *eat* soy, it makes my hand break out in a rash after several hours. As far as I know, nothing happens when I just touch it, so maybe it's at least worth trying. Jeanne
  5. Thanks for the links; I'll check those out! I did notice that the 7th generation one is mostly soy. I'm pretty sure I have a soy intolerance (still trying to figure this one out); should I worry about that in a fabric softener? Jeanne
  6. Speaking of detergents, does anyone have any suggestions for non-irritating fabric softeners? I'm almost sure that Bounce causes me some problems, but I live in such a dry climate that I need *something* to control static cling from the dryer. Jeanne
  7. Sorry to be dense, but what's dumping syndrome? (I can imagine, but is this a formal diagnosis?) Jeanne
  8. My sister gets this symptom as an allergic reaction to yeast. Jeanne
  9. I also had a nasty rash that sounds similar for many years - but only on my right hand, so I don't think it's DH, since DH is apparently usually symmetric. It has improved dramatically since going gluten-free. After awhile gluten-free, I noticed that it seemed to flare up whenever I had vinegar...