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  1. What's the nutritional breakdown? (I'm thinking calories/protein/fat/carbs.) Thanks! Jeanne
  2. Pam for Grilling doesn't contain soy, and it's the only cooking spray I've found that doesn't. Olive oil and canola oil are good for vegetable oil, and coconut oil is nice for some things. Earth Balance has just come out with a soy-free spread that's really good - I just got some yesterday and I'm doing a happy dance! Jeanne
  3. Yup - dairy and soy reliably give me a rash that sets in about 36 hours after I eat them. Jeanne
  4. I realized I needed to eliminate soy about a year after eliminating gluten and dairy. The good news is that soy really did seem to be the last piece of the puzzle for me; I've been fine for over 4 years now as long as I stay away from those three things! Jeanne
  5. The only cooking spray I've found without soy lecithin is Pam for Grilling. But it's gluten/dairy/soy-free (knock on wood that it stays that way!) and works fine for an all-purpose cooking spray. Jeanne
  6. Butter is tough, no doubt about it. It kind of depends on what you're using it for. I use olive oil for a lot of things (sauteeing, flavoring vegetables), and I also really like coconut oil, especially on toast. But I must admit that I haven't found anything else that really tastes like butter; I've just found other things to use instead. Jeanne
  7. I think I just read in the local paper that Sunflower closed, which is a real bummer. Laudisio is good (Italian - with gluten-free breadsticks even!), but the service can be remarkably slow for such a high-end place. Beau Jo's pizza has good gluten-free pizza. My favorite restaurant in town is Restaurant 4580, in the way north part of town; a substantial portion of their menu is gluten-free and clearly marked on the main menu, and it's all fabulous. I don't actually eat out all that much, but Boulder is very gluten-free friendly. I hope you have a great trip! Jeanne
  8. I use Lactaid for my occasional dairy cheats; it prevents bloating and gas, but not the rash that I get the next day (presumably from casein). Jeanne
  9. Yup, I get face and finger rashes from dairy, and I assume it's the casein. Jeanne
  10. Yeah, I can't imagine WHAT Living Harvest what thinking with the new recipe! Try Pacific - it's WAY yummy for lattes. Jeanne
  11. Some Celestial Seasonings teas contain barley, so I wouldn't be surprised if there were CC. (A lot of them also contain soy lecithin, which is a problem for me. Someone tell me WHY tea would need soy lecithin???) Jeanne
  12. I used Living Harvest daily for ages and never had a gluten problem with it. Jeanne P.S. - Where did you find an old box? I loved the old stuff - the new stuff, not so much! Now I use Pacific brand hemp milk; it tastes like Living Harvest used to taste, and I completely trust them as far as gluten goes.
  13. Second that! Just be aware that different brands vary GREATLY in taste, so if you don't like one, try some others. The only one I like right now is Pacific brand, but it's FANTASTIC!! (Living Harvest used to be good, but they changed their recipe and changed their name to "tempt," and I don't like the new version much.) Jeanne
  14. If you're going to be in the north part of town (or don't mind driving or taking the bus up there), my favorite restaurant is Restaurant 4580 at the corner of Broadway & Yarmouth. A large percentage of their menu is gluten-free; they even have fantastic gluten-free table bread, and all the food is just wonderful! Their menu is online at http://www.restaurant4580.com/ if you want to check it out. Jeanne
  15. My MIL has something like this going on in her knee, and her doc says it's pseudo-gout. (I don't know if that helps, but I thought it was worth mentioning.) Good luck figuring it out! Jeanne
  16. P.S. - And yeah, I didn't like Hemp Dream either.
  17. So far I've only found it at Whole Foods, but I've been meaning to request it at other stores that carry other Pacific nut milks. Jeanne
  18. For what it's worth, hemp milks vary GREATLY in taste. I just about cried when Living Harvest changed their formerly fabulous recipe to the new "tempt" stuff, which I can't stand. I tried 'em all, couldn't find one I liked, and then a couple of months ago Pacific saved the day by coming out with one that tastes like Living Harvest used to taste. (So I want everyone to go buy some so they'll keep making it! ) Jeanne
  19. Almost all of Country Life's supplements are gluten/dairy/soy-free (and several other things-free, too, but those are the ones I look for). As for dairy substitutes, Pacific brand almond milk is the only almond milk I've found that doesn't contain soy lecithin. Pacific's hazelnut milk is also good, and their hemp milk is to die for! (The hemp milk is new, so it's not as widely carried as their other milks yet, but Whole Foods has it around here.) Good luck! I feel your pain; I gave up soy about a year after gluten and dairy, and it's by far the hardest of the three to avoid. (Especially if even the oil and lecithin bother you, as they do me.) But it's possible; it just takes some detective work to find good alternatives! Jeanne
  20. For what it's worth, Pacific brand almond milk is the only brand I've seen that does NOT contain soy lecithin. (Although they did go back and forth with this, I'm pretty sure it's now soy-free again.) Jeanne
  21. For the standard vaccine, yes - but not for FluMist as I understand it. Jeanne
  22. Hi, Roda! I've been doing a modified version of SB for the last few years, and I find that it works very well with gluten-free. Brown rice is fine on Phase 2 (unless they've changed something in the last few years!), and so are things like quinoa and sweet potatoes. I also eat Tinkyada brown rice pasta every now and then, but not too often. I just stopped eating most baked goods and really don't miss them much; I feel a lot healthier without them! My one "cheat" is that I do have a piece of toast on gluten-free bread for breakfast (I also like cream of rice - made from brown rice - for breakfast); I make my bread from a mix from Breads by Anna. It's probably not technically SB-legal (it has some tapioca flour in it), but it's closer to a whole grain bread than a lot of gluten-free breads. There are also several good bread recipes floating around here if you're willing to bake your own from scratch. Just experiment and figure out what works for you; I've had to modify SB in several ways to accommodate my food allergies (dairy and soy in addition to gluten), but the most important thing is the overall nutritional content (LOTS of veggies!) and portion control on the carbs. Good luck! Jeanne
  23. Problem: the minimum order for shipping is $20, but they say there's a limit of one jar of chickpea tamari (at $8.50) per order - and all their other products seem to contain soy!! Dang it....
  24. Wow - that's really cool having so much class time available! I have a smaller dojo; there are classes 3 days a week. Ordinarily I go twice a week, but for the last year I've been going three times a week whenever I can to get ready for my test. Unfortunately it's kind of tough to balance that much dojo time with all my work and family responsibilities, so now that my test is over I'm going to have to go back to twice a week, I think. Jeanne
  25. Congrats - that's awesome! I've been studying karate for over 16 years - 11 in my current school - and I just got my brown belt last week, in fact! I also can't run (makes my knees hurt, plus a few years ago I developed plantar fasciitis and can't handle that level of impact without my foot hurting), but karate works really well for me physically. And the mental/spiritual aspect has completely transformed my life; at this point I'm not sure who I'd be without it. Keep up the training - it only gets better! Jeanne
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