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  1. Hey Cruelshoes and anyone else living in the Federal Way, Tacoma, Puyallup area - remember the kick-off support group meeting tonight! I'll be there at the last minute, hopefully not too sweaty. (I'll be coming straight from high school basketball practice.)
  2. It was in the calendar section of the newsletter (last page). I also read it somewhere else a week or so ago - that's how I know that it's a planning meeting. I don't have really young kids, but I'll be there too. I'll be the one who looks like she just came from 2 hours of basketball practice...
  3. I know that there are a few others in the South Puget Sound area that are interested in a support group. Marlene's Market in Federal Way is having kind of a planning meeting to see if there's enough interest to start a support group. The meeting is scheduled for Nov. 20th at 7:00 upstairs in the...
  4. try the outback steak house in asheville it has several glutten free items..

  5. YES! It's totally worth it. Almost 11 years ago I was told to eliminate wheat/gluten, dairy, soy and eggs and to make it a bit more restrictive throw out meat and poultry, legumes, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, bananas and a few other things that I can't remember. Several friends and relatives...
  6. When I was growing up my mom took us to a "church" that didn't believe in doctors. I never had vaccinations, never missed a day of school for illness and went to the doctor once when I was 12 for an x-ray and the second time for a physical for my college basketball team at age 18. I did get sick...
  7. Tonsils are actually an important part of your immune system. I had mine out at age 23 after a lot of problems, but now I see that they were diet related and it could have been avoided. You might want to consider changing your kids diet and seeing what happens with their tonsils before having them...
  8. Where was this board 19 years ago? I had my tonsils taken out then after numerous bouts of tonsilitis and courses of antibiotics. I had those "stones" and never knew what they were until I read this thread. I had wondered if it had to do with my diet later on (like, 9 years later) and now I'm sure...
  9. YES! I didn't know that anyone else had this. I always thought it was psoriasis in there, since I have been fanatically gluten-free and it's still happening. I have been cheating a bit with eggs though, so maybe that's it. I have noticed that sometimes my ears start to itch with the first bite...
  10. So, what you're saying is, I shouldn't be eating 5 Calcium bears and 3 gummy vites after my kids go to bed?
  11. You might be interested in reading the book, "Nourishing Traditions" By Sally Fallon.
  12. I've read a lot about this. I'm assuming you read an article and recipe by Sally Fallon, who is the chairman of the Weston A. Price organization. I think that the reason we have so much trouble with Celiac and gluten intolerance is that we don't soak and then ferment (sourdough is basically fermented...
  13. Interesting. I've had the sharp pain in my right side too, along with gas, a lot in my life. I went for years when I had it every day. When I went wheat free it cleared up for the most part. It completely disappeared when I went totally, fanatically gluten-free, and hit me again a couple of weeks...
  14. This is interesting for sure. My youngest son (adopted) has it really bad on his arms, legs and a little on his cheeks. I asked the doctor about it when I had all my kids in for celiac testing last week and he assured me that it wasn't related at all. (This doctor was up-to-date on Celiac too...