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  1. In 2004 I was in College and missed classes for two weeks because I was had so much stomach pain, and I could not be away from a restroom. I had to drop a few classes because I could not make up the work. On spring break I drove home chugging Imodium and stopping at every gas station in my 1 1...
  2. "Isn't there a pill you can take?" No "How can you still eat potatoes and rice?" Because its gluten not starches I have to watch out for
  3. An update Allergen information now says processed in a facility that also processes wheat. I was just about to eat one and my spidy senses said check. I am so sad I guess I'll have to go buy Pixies I believe they are still ok.
  4. I just noticed this today 3 years later I was looking at the ingredient list for ginger (sadly I am allergic to it), and noticed the shared equipment statement. I try not to eat frozen premade meals but in a pinch I thought I could eat Amy's now I am sad. I literally stood in the frozen food...
  5. When I first went gluten free it took me 4 1/2 weeks to feel 100%. I know this because I kept track of my symptoms and how I felt every day. I have noticed that when I get glutinated I know I'm starting to heal when I am out of control hungry so I know how you feel. I agree with one of the posters...
  6. Hello, I was diagnosed in March 2016 I was malnourished but 280lbs after going gluten free, on a restrictive amount of calories a day 1700 I am now at 260lbs. Every time I am glutinated I gain 5lbs in bloat until it is out of my system. Going gluten free is not a miracle weight loss thing...
  7. I have Celiac and I asked my doctor this question he did not have an answer. It took me 4 1/2 weeks to feel better. I had a food diary I wrote everything I ate down and how I felt every day all day. You just have to keep at it, but Gluten my not be your problem. I hope you feel better soon.
  8. That is good to know the gluten-free flour is expensive and I am poor hopefully soon I can start baking with it.
  9. I was diagnosed with IBS after a month of pain and missing school in 2003 because the doctors simply could not figure out what was wrong with me. Now 2016 after 4 months of pain I have celiac took me 4 1/2 weeks of gluten free eating and I feel so much better. It is going to be OK
  10. I know how you feel I struggle every day thinking I will never get the feel of moist cake or a chocolate chip cookie made with my mom secret recipe ever again. I was ... I guess still am an aspiring baker and now when I make things for people I have to be so careful not to get glutened. I am not...
  11. This is how my problems started my blood test came back celiac I'm getting a colonoscopy and endoscopy tomorrow. I also have lower back pain.