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    I'm a chrisian, married, 2 grown boys, three dachounds, live in the country surrounded by woods, live a simple, yet fulfilled life. Love cooking, music and a good movie once in awhile. Love friends and family.
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I'm still gluten free and working on finding new intolerances. I have two genes that show wheat intolerance from enterlab. I'll be getting some more lab work back soon. I've been reading more then posting these days. I've spent a year being a vegan. Now I'm back to eating meat. I felt pretty good vegan and had the best bowel habits ever but felt after awhile I was getting weak and had issues with the herpes virus {cold sore} that would come and go. I read that eating alot of oatmeal and nuts will do that so foods high in arginine not good and foods high in lysine good. Lysine is butter and eggs, meats. I went back to it.

So that's were I'm at today 9/7/09.

  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I'm suffering from a rather bad bout with IC and since you mentioned this I'm wondering what foods do you avoid? I do know I get like this every fall. It could be tomatoes but I don't always get it when I eat them. I do eat apples this time of year and make applesauce and pies for the family. ...
  3. My lymph nodes are swallon right now too. They seem to get that way when I'm run down. Also a change in seasons always takes it's toll on me. The way I'm feeling right now is if I don't rest and take it easy I'll end up getting a cold. So I'm planning on resting this weekend. When my kids...
  4. I never really looked into it but I always knew it was somehow related because to Me anyway bananas and avocados taste like how latex smells. I'm not a big fruit fan so I don't eat any of those things except for an occasional tomato. Thanks Michelle I'm going to look at the links. Gail
  5. Are ballons related to latex? I can't be around them or I'll have trouble breathing and get choking sensations. Are there any foods related to latex. I was wondering about bananas and avocadoes. If they're not ripe I'll react funny to these foods but seems to be better if they are ripe. Was...
  6. I buy Sunkrist light tuna packed in water. Its just tuna, water and salt. Also you don't want to eat albacore tuna because its from older fish for some reason can't remember but being older they have more mercury in them.
  7. Just make sure the egg is not cracked in anyway. Then its very important to eat the mayo within 3 days top. So don't make too much at once.
  8. Thanks for all the wonderful replies. I plan on going there this saturday morning. I checked the ingredient lists for McDonalds because I get pretty sick with MSG too. The sausage patties have them in. I'm going to see if they'll make me the egg McMuffin without the muffin or get the big breakfast...
  9. I really would like to taste how McDonalds new coffee tastes like but to make it worth the trip it would be nice to order something else for breakfast. Since my favorite egg McMuffin is out of the questions does anyone know of a gluten free choice I could have?. Thanks Gail