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    I'm a chrisian, married, 2 grown boys, three dachounds, live in the country surrounded by woods, live a simple, yet fulfilled life. Love cooking, music and a good movie once in awhile. Love friends and family.
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  1. My Menu will be roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, fresh green beans steamed, cranberry relish, and gluten free pantry's cornbread. I'll serve pumpkin martini's and gluten free pumpkin pie made without milk. Some won't like the pie but they can have another martini. I'm hearing a few complains about no stuffing but I don't care, they can make in their own homes on friday. For the most part people love my cooking and they enjoy the company. I've made gluten free stuffing in the past and it just didn't go over well. When you think about it stuffing is a lot of work and just another thing you have to put in the oven. I'm relieved I have an excuse not to make it.
  2. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC96126/
  3. I would like to give sugar da boot and substitute brown rice syrup. Has anyone used this here and found success with it? Can you use it instead of sugar in everything? Thanks
  4. I'm wondering if there is a martini or after dinner drink that tastes like pumpkin pie? Any helpful hints appreciated, by the time I make a pie it's so costly and I only get one slice it all goes to down the bellies of people who didn't need it gluten free ....and do we really need to eat more?? I think we just need the flavor of a pumpkin pie as a nice after dinner drink. Thanks
  5. I'm in the won't be getting it crowd. The shot has not been tested good enough as far as I'm concerned. I'm also sensitive to all the preservatives they use.
  6. congradulations tarnaberry.
  7. Its really too soon for me to give any advice since I'll need to doing this longer for me to feel back in a corner where I usually quickly become quite creative. I cannot eat the same foods over and over again. I do want to feel good and I don't want to struggle with the temptation to cheat so I'll come up with something. I also have the time and the talent to cook. So we'll see.
  8. I just started eating paleo again a few days ago. I've done it before to lose weight but I never had to lose alot of weight and wouldn't be on it long. I always feel good on this plan. And again its just been two days and I don't feel bloated, gassy, burpy and brain fog gone. My head is clear which is amazing because I can actually read without rereading everything three times. I'm also getting pain in my joints that seems to be getting worse. I'm hoping this will get better. I know my blood pressure is down because I feel so much more relaxed. I'm going to go real light on tomatoes, and most of the night shades. Just every so often if I feel like my choices are getting too limited. I'm going to stay away from fruits that can't grow in my climate. Why I feel so good eating this way, probably an overgrowth of bad bacteria. I don't know but carbs were never my friend. I know there are more paleo's on this board. I think the best thing to do is to be creative with your meals instead of resigning to plain meat and plain veggies etc., etc. Good luck.
  9. I have the same problems with soy as Sylvia Ann has. If you take foods high in glutamates like soy and then process it, the glutamates are freed. If your sensitive to MSG (many people are and don't know it) you'll react to soy. Free Glutamates causes neurons or receptor cells to fire sometimes to the point of death. We have alot of these cells lining our digestive tract, along our heart, and across the brain or BBB. Processed soy will in turn give me headaches, stomach distress and at night I'll wake up because my heart is beating like crazy in my chest. Then insomnia will follow. Not fun. Gail
  10. Whenever I'm having digestive problems I follow this diet http://heartburn.about.com/od/pepticulcers...lcer_diet_3.htm It seems to help and gives me the guide lines I need. Its basically a bland diet. Hope that helps, Gail
  11. Some researchers believe that in gluten intolerant people gluten may be broken down into small peptides that cross the blood brain barrier and interact with receptors intended for endorphins and other endogenous opiates produced by the body. Also most of the problem is just Malabsorption and with that you'll have high levels of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and acetylcholine (ACh) often referred to as stress hormones. These high levels of ACTH and ACh interfere with learning and create anxiety, the desire to escape, a fear of new or unfamiliar things, and poor conditioning response. Gail
  12. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  13. I'm suffering from a rather bad bout with IC and since you mentioned this I'm wondering what foods do you avoid? I do know I get like this every fall. It could be tomatoes but I don't always get it when I eat them. I do eat apples this time of year and make applesauce and pies for the family. So I'm thinking that could be the culprit. I'm also thinking it's the mackintosh apple specifically. I love making applesauce out of them. But I'm in so much pain right now I don't even want to challenge them. Just want to be over this. Gail
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