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  1. Since a lot of people with gluten issues also have corn issues, does anyone know about citric acid? I read that is from corn, but also read that magnesium citrate is from corn, yet I found a magnesium citrate vitamin supplement that says it is free from corn. So it's confusing sometimes. Anyone here that can't have corn, do any of you have problems when eating anything with citric acid, or anyone have good luck with citric acid? And anyone know about magnesium citrate?
  2. I contacted Starbucks once to ask about gluten-free drinks and they were not very reassuring and they do seem to claim to be able to guarantee anything to be gluten-free. I basically realize I can't get anything there unless I want a plain coffee, and so far I haven't even bothered with that. I don't dare order a flavor or even a plain latte since they don't thoroughly clean the machines in between each drink, so if someone ordered a latte with a flavor before you, and that flavor had gluten, you could get contamination. It is a bummer how many drinks we can't get anymore now with gluten issues. It stinks.
  3. I can't seem to find frozen fries that are not fried in soy or vegetable oil, so I have not had any luck with any so far. I've made some baked fries at home which is not quite the same, but better than nothing. And I think Five Guys uses peanut oil for theirs, I if you have one near you, you could call and ask them. I had a bunless burger there last fall and I ate the fries and I think I was okay, but I can't totally remember now.
  4. I tried a few different chips and always got a stomach ache and sometimes bloat. But for me, I think I realized it's the oil they use. Some use canola and some use soy, or even if it says vegetable oil, that is soy. And come to find out, soy seems to bother me. I found one bag that I believe used olive oil, and I have been trying to find it again, but can't remember the name or what the bag looked like. So I keep searching.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Zyrtec never worked for me. I did get my allergies checked many years ago and have all sorts of allergies, year round. Nothing ever seems to really help a lot though for relief. That chlor-trimeton helps a little with watery, itchy eyes, runny nose, etc. but nothing seems to help other symptoms. I get down right tired, even fatigued with the spring pollen and then again late summer, into fall with the ragweed and golden rod.
  6. I did recently have a bunch of things like EKG, chest x-ray, lung x-ray, CT scan, and all looked fine. It does not happen all the time. It does seem to happen when I am very congested and having bad allergies. I am sure I'll be back at the dr soon. It is getting frustrating not getting answers to symptoms. So far with all the problems that have flared up badly the past year and a half, only thing they have found is the gluten sensitivity. No explanation for anything else. Just a lot of expensive tests.
  7. I gave up for a while looking into makeup, but at some point would like to again. I just got burned out researching things free of gluten, corn, and soy. As it is, right now I have about eight more pharmaceutical companies, trying to find safe versions or alternatives to two prescriptions I am taking. But if I ever find out about makeup, I'll come post about it here. It must be a hard thing to verify because I never seem to get a lot of very certain, definite answers so far on it. I have been just using the Badger Balm tinted rose facial sunscreen as sort of my foundation (I am photo sensitive so need sunscreen daily). The slight tint, plus I am on the pale side anyway is enough to give light coverage, not a lot. I thought I heard there are some mineral powder foundations that are suppose to be gluten-free, but I have not looked into that yet. It is frustrating. I hope you can find something that does not bother you. It seems it can be a long process to figure out all you food issues, not to mention vitamin supplements, body care products, over the counter meds, prescriptions, etc. that don't bother us. It is a process. Hang in there.
  8. Has anyone found allergy pills that are free from gluten, corn, and soy? It's bad enough most allergy pills don't even help me one bit. The only one that helps a little is the Chlor-Trimeton (or CVS brand of it). I found out the CVS brand didn't have gluten, but need to check about the corn and soy. My allergies have been worse than ever this summer. It is even making my chest feel tight and heavy breathing at times, like when you have a bad chest cold or bronchitis. My fever for a year and a half finally has gone away, and now allergy issues are flaring up. I just wish to feel some relief.
  9. Thanks for the info. I have been missing bbq sauce too. I was thinking of making some of my own maybe. Weird thing is last Sept when my stomach was getting much better, I had bbq chicken a few times with Baby Ray's bbq sauce. But now I am trying to avoid all corn. One thing though, does citric acid contain corn? I thought I read it did, so have been avoiding it. But this bbq sauce link you gave, the ingredients say citric acid. But maybe I have been seeing wrong info about that? Is citric acid safe for us non-corn people? I also read magnesium citrate has corn, yet I bought vitamin supplements of actual magnesium citrate and the company says it is corn-free. So confused???
  10. I emailed Uncle Bens and they emailed me back a phone number. It is annoying they can't just email the info. I am getting sick of phone calls. Sometimes I see Asian noodles that don't claim to be gluten-free but just don't seem to have any gluten in the ingredients. The Taste Of Thai claims to be gluten free.
  11. Sounds like what I've been dealing with too. I have found some rice noodles that have been okay for me. Maybe it's made from white rice flour (the ingredients don't specify, but the noodles are white in color). I like the "straight cut" ones. The really skinny thin ones fall apart easily and tend to taste more like plain old rice for some reason. I find them in the Asian food section in my grocery store, with all the soy sauces, water chestnuts, ramen noodles. etc. but you can also get them online. Then in the frozen section, I have found some pitas and some rolls that don't seem to bother me. The brand is called Against the Grain. They have other products, but so far I have tried and been okay with the pita (although they are weird, I can't seem to open them to use like a pocket, but I can cut them in quarters to use like bread or even use with a hamburger, and also have made pita bread pizza with them, but I found using parchment paper is best, it can stick to tin foil, especially if any cheese or sauce seeps over the edge), and the bulky style rolls are really good. You can even put a little butter on them and sprinkle some cinnamon sugar for a sweet treat, or I like them even plain as sort of a croissant or biscuit substitute with a cup of coffee sometimes. I don't eat any of them often since I just don't want to eat refined carbs often, and they are expensive, but I l am happy to be able to have one as a treat once in a while. They are in the freezer section, but only one store in my town offers much of a variety of their products, which is a shame more stores don't carry much of their stuff. Some brown rice noodles I had tried were so good, but I started getting stomach distention and bad pain while I was still in the process of eating them. It happened so fast. It was so weird. I wonder if once our stomachs heal we will be able to eat the brown rice and rice bran items? Maybe our stomachs just can't handle the fiber of it yet?
  12. Thanks for the info. I seem to be able to eat some carbs and be okay. Like there are some gluten-free pita breads, they are made with like rice flour and tapioca starch and such. And I do have sugar in my coffee and sometimes have some ice cream. It is getting hard to find cheap food that is healthy and okay. A few cheap "fillers" would be helpful. But I said it right there - fillers - that tends to be the cheap stuff that makes us sick. Thanks for sharing your experience with rice. I was also just wondering about Uncle Bens since they have plain rices they say are gluten free, but yet they also make some flavored ones that have gluten. So once again, how much can we trust no cross contamination? I better kick rice for a while, then experiment with different brands. But it's weird those pita breads don't seem to bother me, and that is made with rice flour. I stopped using a food journal for a while though, so back to that again. That really is helpful.
  13. Thank you both for your help. That's too bad about the Corona, but better safe than sorry. I am not up to drinking a beer yet, but hope to someday. I don't drink often, but on a hot summer day or on a holiday or something, it's nice to be able to have something. Our neighbor makes an amazing oatmeal stout, I will miss that. Sort of off the beer topic, but does anyone know what kind of mint goes in a mojito? I am growing some mint, but it actually smells like a lemon mint or something. Weird. But I always wonder in things like a mojito or even a mint julep if they use peppermint or spearmint. It tends to just always say mint, and most mint plants I find at the stores are spearmint. But once in a while I find peppermint. I am not even sure if I can have the other ingredients in a mint julep. I think they use bourbon. I seem to be seeing things were Bacardi rum is okay, and most wines (I contaced Barefoot wines and theirs are gluten-free), and I think I even heard brandies are gluten-free, although I was wondering if that also including the flavored ones, like black raspberry brandy or apricot brandy. So much to still learn.
  14. Does anyone seem to be fine when they eat certain brands of rice, but then get problems with other brands? Sometimes I have rice and feel fine. But sometimes not. I realized I had been using different brands at different times. And what I seem to be seeing right now is if I use Minute Rice, I get bloat and some stomach pain. Their site says they make many gluten free rices, but they also make some with gluten. Is it possible there is cross contamination, even if they say certain items of theirs are gluten-free? I am going to try some of the other rices I had been having with no problems and see if they are still okay with me. If not, I guess rice is one more thing I can't eat. Which some of you here have warned me about (I think I'm in denial, lol! I need some cheap, filling foods right about now. And put the elimination diet on hold until I get my corn-ingredient prescriptions figured out.) I made chicken in the crock pot with carrots and used herbs I grow myself, and so there should be no problems. But had Minute Rice with it, two days in a row. Both times I got bloat and slight stomach ache afterwards. It has to be the rice.
  15. I was hoping to find a soda that is not only gluten-free, but also corn free and soy free. One that uses actual sugar, not corn syrups. I have not checked the local health food store yet, but will at some point. I tend to drink water mostly anyway, and my daily coffee, but in the summer when it gets so hot I often like something once in a while like a soda or lemonade (which I need to just get a lemon juicer now so I can make some homemade). If regular soda seems to bother you, try looking at the health food store for any soda they might have that has less funky ingredients. Or getting health food store juices to mix with seltzer water. My daughter used to have a soda streamer and it used to have recipes to make sodas and you could use regular sugar, not corn syrup. I would imagine people could substitute sugar for other sweeteners too if needed. As for vitamins, some people here on the board have recommended checking out the Vitamin Shoppe online, and sure enough I have found some supplements there that are free from gluten, soy, corn (and other allergens like dairy, etc). You may need to check out several brands they offer, but each one says the ingredients in it and what it is free from. It's a great site. I just got an order today in the mail to try out. I am hoping and assuming they will be fine.