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  1. Tim (DH Poster Boy)

    Reactions other than gluten?

    Cross-reactivity is definitely a "thing." Was buying items made at a "Gluten Free Bakery" operated by 5 brothers with celiac disease in their family. It was early on after being diagnosed with DH so I was never sure what was making me...
  2. Tim (DH Poster Boy)

    Topical Itch Relief - other than Dapson

    I buy Epsom Salt in 50lb. bags 4 at a time to get the free shipping - the UPS guy/gal hates me on those days... Six cups or more in a tub of warm - medium hot water. Use the end (the roughest part) of a loofah to remove scaly skin/scabs...
  3. Tim (DH Poster Boy)

    Dapsone ~ Members Taking Dapsone Please Respond.

    Still eating gluten with DH ... can't fathom it. It takes two things to create DH - celiac disease, ie. your own body producing gluten antibodies when gluten is consumed, and iodine. Eliminate the iodine in your diet the rash will...