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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. We are having: Prime Rib Roast Spiral Ham Corn Carrots Mashed and Baked Potatoes Salad gluten-free Brownies Veggie and Fruit Tray
  2. Corn Tortillas

    El Milagro are gluten-free. I checked with the manufactuer. They use seperate machines to produce flour and corn tortillas, because both are different sizes.
  3. Gluten Free Wedding Cake

    Slightly off the subject but just something nice I wanted to share: I have a good friend who is not Celiac that bakes gluten-free cakes for me and always makes sure there is something for me to eat no matter WHERE we are. Can't get better or more supportive friends than that!
  4. Outback's gluten-free Menu

    I have eaten many times at Outback and I have never had a problem getting glutened. The wait staff and chefs are all knowledgeable and trained with this disease, at least the one I go to regularly in Illinois. We don't care if we would have to pay a few extra $$ so I can enjoy eating out once in a while and get to have a treat: their Chocolate Thunder from Down Under - it is also gluten free!
  5. The most recent issue of Gluten Free Living Magazine says that we don't need to be overly concerned with bath products getting into the blood stream. Traces of gluten is very low. Use your own judgement.
  6. Heartburn

    It's the pregnancy that is causing the heartburn. Try 1/4 tsp of Baking Soda w/ 1/2 cup of water. The recipe is on the box and it is safe. Tastes like salt water.
  7. We still have gluten in the house but only one person out of 3 eats gluten now. If I see crumbs, etc. I wipe it down and I have anti-bacterial gel at the kitchen sink for my hands. I use to get very uptight about it, but since I do most of the cooking for everyone anyway, it isn't a big issue for me. I label my stuff so they know not to eat it. Whoever wants to eat gluten, makes it for themselves.
  8. I have always had problems with Amy's stuff. Anything from Salsa to soups. the label says it is cross-contiminated and now I stay away from it. I make my own soups and salsa.
  9. I use Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese and I am CF. I use a little tiny bit on my gluten-free muffins. But it has only been a couple of days for me. I just tried it this week.
  10. cream of buckwheat with raisins. Or a boiled egg w/ bacon. Then take with you in your backpack some fruit and almonds with raisins to snack on. Nothing will stick you for that long.
  11. I know some one who has been diagnosed with having Acid Reflux for years. When her kids were born, they had it and were medicated for it. She breast fed her babies because the fake stuff would make it worse. They also were on heart monitors for the first few months of their lives and one of them has sinus allergies and takes meds for that. Anyway, this mom now thinks she has a hiatal hernia. I have long suspected she is a Celiac or at the very least Gluten Intolerant. She also has had several miscarriages (no problem getting pregnant just has a hard time hanging on to the preganancies) and thoracic outlet. I have tried to subtlely suggest that Celiac is connected to a couple of her issues in a short list of diseases and illness I sent to her when she asked me about my Celiac problem. But she is educated in the Medical Field as an Occupational Therapist so she is not getting it. What do you all think? She is a Celiac or at least Gluten intolerant? Or am I off base here? How can I approach her a little louder on this subject. Any links anyone knows of that I could send her to "prove" medically that these issues are related to Celiac and to get tested? Thank you for you help!
  12. Lunch

    I make extras for dinner and pack the leftovers for lunch the next day. Or I have tuna with Canola Mayo (I am CF) and tortilla chips. Or an avocado burrito (corn tortillas) with tomato and salsa. Or a bean burrito (corn tortillas)
  13. Ok- I looked it up on Whole Foods website and this is what they say: What is "glutamate"? Glutamate is derived from glutamic acid, a major building block for proteins. It is found naturally in our bodies and in protein-containing foods, such as cheese, milk, meat, peas, and mushrooms. MSG is one of several types of glutamate. When glutamate is released during breakdown of the protein molecule, "free glutamate" is formed. These substances can be added to food to enhance its flavor and are the focus of much of the concern about glutamate. It is only in this free form that glutamate can enhance a food's flavor. Some foods, such as ripe tomatoes and Parmesan cheese, contain high levels of naturally occuring free glutamate. The flavor enhancing effect of hydrolyzed protein products, including soy sauce, is due to the presence of free glutamate. I would venture to guess that the seasoning they use on the burgers contains MSG. Something I stay away from.
  14. I didn't take a chance when I ate there. I ordered the burger plain with no seasoning and found them to be very accomodating.
  15. I am a brown-haired, green eyed European mutt. Irish, Swedish and German. I tend to take after the Irish side, petite (as in 5'2") and thin.