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  1. I am coming up on my one year anniversary of being diagnosed with celiac and being gluten free. I am still not feeling back to my old self, although I have seen several improvements in my health since I have been gluten free, I am still nowhere near where I want to be. I still get nauseated very easily, I still get GERD, aches and pains and anxiety, and I still get fatigued (although I was just diagnosed with graves so that could be to blame). I have been tested multiple times for deficiencies, allergies, and food sensitivities. I have tried doing an elimination diet, and keeping a food journal several times with no luck as to what could be triggering my symptoms. I don't eat out of my own home, I have a 100% gluten free kitchen. I do not buy anything unless it is labeled gluten-free or naturally gluten-free. I don't drink coffee, alcohol, I don't smoke, I do yoga, I mean I am doing everything I can possibly think of to help myself feel more healthy and it just hasn't happened. Can it really take this long to feel all of the way better? Do you think I should be pushing my doctor to test me for more things? If so, what? Or do you think I need to be more patient? (I'm 25 and was only sick about 2-3 years before diagnosis) Thanks!
  2. Thank you both for the replies. At my 6 month mark I had a repeat endoscopy and colonoscopy. A bunch of biopsies were taken and from what my doctor told me I had no other gastro issues besides the celiac and my villi looked much better but not healed. I have also been tested for nutrient deficiencies and my doctor said everything actually came back better than average. I have made my entire kitchen gluten-free, even got new pot, pans, utensils, strainer, bowls, etc. I have tried keeping a food journal but no matter how hard I try I cannot figure out a rhyme or reason to my symptoms. One day I think something makes me sick and the next day it doesn't. I would like to be tested for food sensitivities but my doctor told me the test wasn't very accurate and just tried to talk me out of it. Ennis_TX I feel you, it is SO frustrating to feel sick and know there is no way it is from gluten! I hope you figure it out soon!
  3. I was diagnosed around 7 months ago and have been eating strict strict strict gluten-free ever since. I finally started to see some major improvements in my symptoms at my 5-6 month mark. I'm only 24 and I have always been very athletic and healthy with no other health problems that I know of, so I assumed I would have healed and started feeling better fairly quickly. I'm just getting so frustrated because although I'm starting to feel better I still get sick 1-2 days a week (yep, it's happening right now). It's absolutely miserable I get crazy nauseous and my stomach balloons out and doing any small task feels like a huge struggle. I'm definitely seeing more good days then I was when I was first diagnosed, but I still get so frustrated and desperate feeling when I have bad days. I have tried to pay close attention to other food intolerances, but it is hard to find a rhyme or reason to my symptoms and pinpoint what makes me sick. I feel ready to move on with my life... Start working again, go back to school, have a baby someday... But it feels impossible to do any of these things when I'm so unpredictably sick so often. Does it get better? Is there anything else I should be checked for or do? Please help, I want my life back.
  4. Maddiecl

    Grand Junction Colorado

    Hello! I am going on my first vacation since the diagnosis and am feeling a tad overwhelmed. We will be camping in CO, the closest city to us will be Grand Junction. Does anyone know of any safe places to eat in that area? Or even just fun things to do. Thanks!
  5. You may want to count your calories for a week or so to make sure you are eating enough. When I was diagnosed with Celiac I had to change my diet COMPLETELY. I went from eating mainly carbs and dairy to eating mainly fruits and veggies and I lost about 15 pounds (that I didn't have to lose) in about 4 weeks. My GI doc recommended that I count my calories and drink gluten-free/Dairy free protein shakes twice a day until I got the hang of the diet and found more things I could eat that were more calorie dense. Once I got my energy back and had the energy to cook and grocery shop more often eating an abundance of foods became much easier. I am now 6 months into the diet and I am keeping weight on just fine, and have gained about 5 pounds back.
  6. I'm so happy! after 6 months on the gluten-free diet, I have TONS of new hair coming in all over my head (I didn't even know I was losing so much hair). I'm still not back to feeling 100% but it's so good to see improvements happening!
  7. Hello Ravenwoodglass, I know this is a verrry old thread but I recently got some biopsy results that also said I had Gastric Metaplasia. Can you tell me what you are doing to monitor this condition, and what you know about it? My doctor just told me not to worry about it, but the fact that it is considered a pre-cancerous condition is freaking me out. I really appreciate it. Thanks!
  8. Hello, I am so sorry to hear that your daughter is feeling unwell. I'm new the Celiac diagnosis myself, I was diagnosed in November of 2017 at the age of 24. I know I'm quite a bit older then your daughter but I can relate to many of her symptoms and the "rollercoaster" of a healing process she has had. I too am not feeling as well as I hoped I would at 5.5 months gluten-free. I also experience days and weeks of feeling fairly good and having fairly normal BM's and then go back to being sick for no apparent reason. Last week I had a repeat Endoscopy and Colonoscopy to put my mind at ease since I had met my deductible. Everything came back normal and my villi looked a lot better but not healed. I was reassured that after all of the tests I have had there was nothing going on with my GI track other than lingering symptoms of the celiac disease and I needed to be patient with the healing process. It is incredibly hard to be patient when the healing process is this slow and painful. I just wanted to tell you this story so you know this process really can be long and miserable and maybe (hopefully) that is the only reason your daughter is still so unwell. The fact that she is now having SOME brown healthy looking BM's now is a good sign!
  9. This same thing happened to me. After I had been gluten-free for about a month and a half I began having dizzy spells and lightheadedness. On top of this, I also developed the sensation of having pressure on my chest. I am now 5 months gluten-free and this has gotten much better!
  10. I can definitely relate! I was diagnosed with celiac disease in November after suffering from GI issues. After I had been gluten-free for about 2 months I started experiencing that "lump in my throat" sensation. It did seem to be worse after eating or swallowing pills but generally, I felt it all of the time. My doctor put me on PPI's thinking it was related to acid reflux. After two months on the PPI's I saw absolutely no improvement so I took myself off of them. Then I had a barium swallow test done which showed I was having difficulty swallowing but it was unclear why since my recent endoscopy that diagnosed my celiac showed nothing worrisome. It has been over 3 months since that sensation started and for whatever reason, it is getting better, slowly. There is something called globus hystericus which is basically a lump sensation brought on by anxiety. Although I did not really feel anxious, I think the stress of the new diagnosis brought this on. My doctor put me on Prozac and my lump feeling slowing started to fade and gets better every day. I have read forums where some say their globus hystericus lasts up to 2 years and then suddenly one day it is gone. Try to eliminate as much stress as you can and focus on taking care of yourself and healing. I know how frustrating it is to be gluten-free and STILL have new symptoms crop up, but from my experience slowly but surely things get better. Hang in there!
  11. Ok, so I was diagnosed with celiac disease four months ago and have been gluten-free ever since. Some symptoms have improved but I still feel nauseous and just generally sick a lot of the time. My GI doctor re-tested my antibody levels and they were in the normal range. My doctor said that since my antibodies are in the normal range my symptoms must be from another issue such as IBS. Has anyone else experienced lingering symptoms like this even when antibodies are in the normal range? How long did it take for your nausea, "icky" feeling to go away after starting a strict gluten-free diet? Thanks!
  12. So I have been gluten free for about 3.5 months now and I was finally starting to feel pretty good. Last weekend I had a couple shots of Jim Beam Whiskey and I have been sick ever since. I have read a lot of conflicting information on whether or not it is possible to have a reaction from distilled beverages. Have any of you been "glutened" from whiskey?
  13. Thank you all for the replies! I really appreciate it!
  14. Hello, it's me again! So I have been gluten-free for 3 months after Celiac diagnosis. I am 25 and I was sick about 3 years prior to diagnosis. The recovery process has been extremely slow and has been full of many ups and downs. I assume the damage to my small intestine was pretty bad because the Dr who did my Endoscopy told me he was already sure I had Celiac disease just from seeing my intestines before we had the biopsy results. Why is it that when I read a reputable book, or look on Merk Manuals, or other websites that should be very reliable it says it takes 2-3 weeks to heal from Celiac disease. This can't possibly be true, is it? Why do so many Doctors including my own, believe recovery is so quick and easy. I have noticed some improvements since I have been gluten-free but I am FAR from being back to my old self. Also, the things that are improving are things I wasn't even blaming celiac disease for in the first place like cold sores and trouble sleeping and painful periods. However, nausea, fatigue, and occasional bloating are still quite prominent. Does this sound like a normal pattern of recovery? I have done everything I can think of to try to heal quickly. I am taking probiotics and digestive enzymes, I am in the middle of an elimination diet, I have made my kitchen gluten-free. I would love your opinion. Do I just need to be patient with the healing process or should I look into other possible causes or even the dreaded refractory celiac? If you had a long recovery story I would love to hear about it. Thanks!