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  1. Blvr

    Silent Celiac glutened

    I feel nothing either when I eat gluten. I do have diagnosed celiac disease and try very hard not to eat wheat, but do taste occasionally. Does 99% good count?
  2. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and have been tested positive for Celiac Disease (Silent). I had anemia, but it has been resolved with iron tablets. I have no symptoms. It is very difficult for me to want to be gluten free.
  3. Blvr

    COMPLETELY silent celiac

    I had a positive blood test and biopsy for Celiac disease. I have no symptoms except anemia which has been treated successfully with iron tablets. I have a hard time wanting to do gluten free eating.
  4. I have silent Celiac disease. My small intestine biopsy was positive as well as all my blood tests. I had no symptoms except anemia which has been treated with iron supplements and now is normal. I would like to hear from others who have...
  5. I'd like to hear from those who don't feel bad when they eat gluten. I have had a positive biopsy and blood test for Celiac Sprue. My only symptom was anemia for which I now take iron. I find it very difficult to follow a gluten free...
  6. I had a positive biopsy for Celiac Sprue. The blood test revealed it as well. My only symptom is anemia. Not sure I want to go gluten free at 68 years old. Is cancer really a big risk?