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  1. I wasnt anemic a month ago but all my celiac synptoms have gotten worse due to eating gluten for weeks. I dont know but maybe Im anemic now? Im not sure how quickly you can become anemic.
  2. We have been told by the gastroenterologist that I have celiac but they need to do an endoscopy to assess the damage so i am not yet on a gluten free diet though I will be soon. I do have acid reflux and am on acid reflux medicines. Thanks...
  3. Mharzbarz9959

    Everything goes downhill....

    So, mid march 2018 and I go on a family holiday away from home. I was now beggining to grow bored of my gluten free diet so what did I decide to do?.... be an idiot and eat gluten while we were on that holiday! So I ate gluten every day...
  4. I am a adolescent female and I have celiac disease. I get all the typical celiac symptoms but over the last couple of days I have developed strange symptoms I have never had before. I feel Extremely. Thirsty all the time even if I drink...
  5. Mharzbarz9959

    The beginning

    Last year in 2017 around October I decided to start a gluten free and dairy free diet because I had been feeling really ill when I ate gluten. It was hard because my friends all ate gluten (like a lot of people) and I had to watch them eat...
  6. Yes, I usually have a breakfast or lunch and a dinner that contains gluten. I usually dont suffer “excruciating” stomach pains but they are not too nice either. I have already had a toasted sandwhich and am planning on eating a pizza bef...
  7. I will make sure to eat gluten until I have been properly diagnosed and everythings done ?. Not looking forward to all the symptoms of eating gluten though. Sorry forgot to put this in my reply above
  8. I am sorry but I forgot to mention that although I know this is a US site I am actually from the UK because this was the best site I could find. (and under the NHS) so could the range of antibodies be different to the US ranges? Maybe that...
  9. I have recieved the results of the blood test for the increased number of antibodies and I have tested positive at a level of 155. Is this a high number of antiobodies or not? Has anyone had higher or lower and been diagnosed? I will...
  10. Mharzbarz9959

    Can celiacs make asthma worse?

    Thank you for your answers ?
  11. I have not been diagnosed with celiacs yet nor have I had any tests done though I am hoping to get them done soon. I am an adolescent female and other the last few weeks my asthma has deteriorated considerably and the gps and specialists...
  12. Im sorry if this question is on the wrong forum but I cant find an answer to my question by googling it... I am an adolescent female and for a while now after eating anything containing gluten I have been feeling sick and getting stomach...