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  1. I wasnt anemic a month ago but all my celiac synptoms have gotten worse due to eating gluten for weeks. I dont know but maybe Im anemic now? Im not sure how quickly you can become anemic.
  2. We have been told by the gastroenterologist that I have celiac but they need to do an endoscopy to assess the damage so i am not yet on a gluten free diet though I will be soon. I do have acid reflux and am on acid reflux medicines. Thanks for your help. 🙂
  3. Mharzbarz9959

    Everything goes downhill....

    So, mid march 2018 and I go on a family holiday away from home. I was now beggining to grow bored of my gluten free diet so what did I decide to do?.... be an idiot and eat gluten while we were on that holiday! So I ate gluten every day and at first I felt okay... not too great but barely noticeable. Then i started to get more and more symptoms back but because I hadnt eaten anything glutenous in a while now I didnt want to stop again. Then end of april, I started to experience a flare of my asthma and my celiac symptoms got worse. We started going back to the doctors every few days because I was getting worse and worse with my asthma symptoms. It got so bad in the following weeks I couldnt even do any physical activity. Even walking! Without wheezing and my chest feeling tight and breathless. I couldnt even attend school anymore! It continued like this for weeks until I was very ill..... Please leave feed back and leave a like 🙂
  4. I am a adolescent female and I have celiac disease. I get all the typical celiac symptoms but over the last couple of days I have developed strange symptoms I have never had before. I feel Extremely. Thirsty all the time even if I drink water, I am urinating constantly but it dosent hurt. I have a new pain in my upper,upper abdomen and I feel faint occaisonally and I am getting leg cramps but I have no idea whether the cramps are related to diabetes or not. We went to the doctor and the doctor did a urine sample on me to test for sugar in my urine but she said she couldnt detect any. Anyway she booked me in for a blood test to make sure. What I am wondering is if anyone was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 but had a negative urine test? Or if they have heard of anyone like this?. I have also posted a question similair on a diabetes forum but I wanted to see if anyone knew about it from a celiac point of view because I was wondering if something to do with celiac caused the urine test to be negative though I havent researched it yet .Please can you help? Thanks in advance
  5. Mharzbarz9959

    The beginning

    Last year in 2017 around October I decided to start a gluten free and dairy free diet because I had been feeling really ill when I ate gluten. It was hard because my friends all ate gluten (like a lot of people) and I had to watch them eat pizza and sandwhiches and cakes etc . I felt like I was really missing out and I hated that I couldnt eat all the foods I liked. Christmas day came and I had to eat gluten free ~still~ but I was annoyed at this because the rest of my family could eat whatever they wanted and I had to eat the gluten free desserts and snacks that didnt really taste the same. Despite all that by January everyone had gotten used to me eating gluten free and I had come to accept finally I had to eat gluten free for my health. Despite that I had never even considered my symptoms being any more than just a bit of a gluten intolerance..... (I dont celebrate thanksgiving so that is why I didnt mention eating gluten free then.) Please feel free to leave feedback and comments as this is my first ever blog and I am still pretty unexperienced! 🙂
  6. Yes, I usually have a breakfast or lunch and a dinner that contains gluten. I usually dont suffer “excruciating” stomach pains but they are not too nice either. I have already had a toasted sandwhich and am planning on eating a pizza before my endoscopy. Will cause my intestine to hate me but its worth it for a last pizza ever ?
  7. I will make sure to eat gluten until I have been properly diagnosed and everythings done ?. Not looking forward to all the symptoms of eating gluten though. Sorry forgot to put this in my reply above
  8. I am sorry but I forgot to mention that although I know this is a US site I am actually from the UK because this was the best site I could find. (and under the NHS) so could the range of antibodies be different to the US ranges? Maybe that would explain why 155 is so high because my gastroentoligest told us that 50-60 is the normal range for people without celiac disease. Sorry if this changes it a bit.
  9. I have recieved the results of the blood test for the increased number of antibodies and I have tested positive at a level of 155. Is this a high number of antiobodies or not? Has anyone had higher or lower and been diagnosed? I will be getting a biopsy in around 4 weeks. thanks in advance.
  10. Mharzbarz9959

    Can celiacs make asthma worse?

    Thank you for your answers ?
  11. I have not been diagnosed with celiacs yet nor have I had any tests done though I am hoping to get them done soon. I am an adolescent female and other the last few weeks my asthma has deteriorated considerably and the gps and specialists are finding that common asthma treatments ie: prednisolone steroids,salbutamol (blue inhaler), steroid inhaler are barely making a difference. We cannot for the life of us think what is making me worse apart from gluten and every time I eat anything with gluten I experience lots of symptoms relating to celiacs. Has anyone found that celiacs has made their asthma worse or has made their asthma flare up when eating gluten? Thanks
  12. Im sorry if this question is on the wrong forum but I cant find an answer to my question by googling it... I am an adolescent female and for a while now after eating anything containing gluten I have been feeling sick and getting stomach pains in the area that the intestines would be. Im getting various other symptoms related to celiacs like fatigue, twitches in my abdominal area after eating gluten, constapation etc. No one in my family has ever been tested for celiacs but there is a family history of ulcerative colitis and I have asthma. My mom is now thinking that some of the symptoms sound like what she has experienced in the past but she has never been tested for celiacs.... The weird thing is that after I eat gluten I start to feel sick and get the symptoms plus more that I listed above and more that I havent listed. I do get stomach pains that i would describe as cramps and a feeling as if someone was twisting a knife in my abdominal area. But although I get these pains I wouldnt describe them as excrutiating or even incredibly painful. They are only moderatly painful and I was just wondering if people that are diagnosed with celiacs sometimes only experience weaker pain. Also I havent been tested for celiacs yet but I am hoping to get tested soon. Thanks in advance