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I know that I'm a little young to be going on dates. But what can I say, it's my senior year and its time to have fun. Ive been asked on quite a few dates most of which I have turned down (they were not great people), the few I have gone on were terrible. Most people don't realize how hard it is to find somewhere to eat out when you can't eat anything. They always try to take me to certain places which I can't eat, like Panera bread. They always say " its not going to kill you" "you'll be fine" thats usually when i get angry and try to explain to them that i could die and i won't be fine. Every date I've been on has ended in them getting frustrated and us never talking. 



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Must not be easy. Perhaps the silver lining is that you can think of it as a screening process. Someone who truly cares for you will not try to brush it off, they will ask about it and will want to learn. You have lots of life ahead of you and things will be ok, might not seem it right now but life has a way of working things out most of the time. Same with your disappointment regarding the national guard. It was unexpected but now your life will go down a different path and that's ok.  No one really knows where they will end up and what they will do, but usually things work out just fine. Keep your chin up and keeping taking care of yourself. All the best!

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What about suggesting outings that do not require food?  Like the movies, bowling, museums, concert, etc.  I can tell you that I used to pack picnic meals for my dates.  Everyone loved them!  We'd go to a museum and then picnic outside.  I can tell you that my husband still asks for picnics (so this strategy worked).   I was not gluten free back then -- just a poor college student (as were most of my dates).  

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Play some telltale games and learn to manipulate people into the way you want them to be, that would be in your case them understanding that big sh*t begins with tiny piece of cr*p. If no succeed, they are not worth further efforts.

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