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cross country



When I was in cross country we would travel to compete and it was a huge hassle to find something I could eat. Everyone always wanted fast food or pizza. Well i made it through by packing food  or just being hungry until i could find something. Well tomorrow I have a banquet and they are serving pizza.. so again I get to be asked why I'm not eating and "just get over it" , "are you doing this to loose weight" Im tired of people thinking I'm just not eating gluten to get slim! ?



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My daughter is just starting out on this journey and she is almost 16. That's a bad time. I hope and pray she can fine a balance with her meals at school and when she has to travel with school stuff so here we go. 

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My daughter is 12.  She is learning to take snacks/food with her wherever she goes.  We also bring our own pizza, cupcakes etc to events.  I always keep some bars in my purse just in case. That and she probably eats a lot of bags of potato chips when she is out with friends.

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i remember when i was going through cross country and we would have "pasta parties" where we carb loaded the night before a race with pasta and pizza. well of course, i never ate anything that everyone else had or brought my own.  I got frustrated as well, and i realized that they just didn't know what would happen if i ate what they were eating.  So i explained it to them in a simple way which made them not want to bring it up again, but got the message across.

 I said " think of your stomach as a tunnel.  the mouth is one end, and the butt is the other. when cars go in, they're expected to come out the other end. when gluten goes in this tunnel, it causes a car accident in the middle of the tunnel.  and cars go in and it creates a pile up in the tunnel, and its gotta come out one end."  

at this point they're pretty much quiet and not 100% sure what you meant by all of that.  just wrap it up with, "its really just a bad time all around"   when friends who care ask about what really happens, talk about it and explain to them what happens.  being gluten free sucks, but we gotta own it at some point. 

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