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  1. We went through this with DD, it's a grieving process. My DD went through all the stages denial, bargaining etc. It took over a year before we were finally at acceptance. She still doesn't like being different but she's ok with it. Let her know her feelings are normal but make it clear she needs...
  2. have you tried the van's cheese crackers? http://www.vansfoods.com/our-products/say-cheese-crackers also the lance cheese sandwich crackers http://www.lance.com/sandwiches/gluten-free/
  3. I'm very sensitive and I've never had an issue with the Wonderful Pistachio brand. They go on sale at the supermarket often and there are usually coupons available in the newspaper
  4. Push for the endoscopy. My GI said at the initial consult that he didn't think I had celiac but wanted to do the scope to "rule it out" When he saw me immediately after the endo, while I was still in recovery, he saw enough damage to change his position and sure enough the biopsy came back positive...
  5. If she misses the hot cereal then try quinoa or amaranth as an alternative to oatmeal
  6. My DD likes a less traditional breakfast sometimes such as gluten-free ravioli or perogies. She also loves Rudy's gluten-free cheese bread. gluten-free crackers or matzo with peanut butter, cream cheese or Nutella are also popular. And for a real treat, there's always Lucky Charms which are now...
  7. Were they flavored? Lay's BBQ has barley flour and some of the other flavors have wheat.
  8. My daughter is 12. She is learning to take snacks/food with her wherever she goes. We also bring our own pizza, cupcakes etc to events. I always keep some bars in my purse just in case. That and she probably eats a lot of bags of potato chips when she is out with friends.
  9. Did you replace your open jars of peanut butter? jelly? Anything that might have residual crumbs? Are you using the same old toaster? Did you buy a new colander for pasta? All things you don't always think about, but she might have been accidentally eating gluten. I'm sorry for the diagnosis,...
  10. How dangerous and irresponsible!! My DD also had no systems at 10 when she was diagnosed and we waited exactly 1 day to tell her and move to a fully gluten-free diet. Was it hard yes!! Were there tears, of course!! But we were unwilling to risk further damage and complications such as cancer...
  11. Does anyone have recent experience with the GS sleep away camps? The camp assures me they have all the Gluten free substitutes and I don't need to send her with anything. In conversations with the camp director, she clearly understands cross contamination and says there will be more than one gluten...