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Intolerance To Alcohol? And E Numbers

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ive been intolerant to alcohol ever since i first had my first drink of it . all my friends thought it was funny and i just thought it was a weird odd thing that happened to me and i just had to put up with it.


anyhow ive been thinking about allergies and intolerances and is there anything in my past that could shed some light on matters. i then remembered i had a reaction to blue wickeds when they first came out. - had hives all over my body. i dont know if theyre known outside of the uk. but for those that dont know what they are- they are a sugary, sweet alcopop, raspberry flavoured and bright blue. they must have some kind of e numbers in them but ive just spent an hour googling them and found nothing. the ingredients are "secret" apparently,even though i found many blogs of people who have had reactions and were trying to find out why!!


the reason im going with the e numbers is because ive been checking out histamine intolerance and i seem to be coming up with tartrazine which is a histamine releaser. i had a reaction to amoxycillin years ago which im now thinking was actually a reaction to the tartrazine in the yellow casing. my sister interestingly cannot have quinelline yellow.and this weekend my niece had a reaction to some medicine which my sister thinks was due to amaranth e123 .all of these e numbers are coal tar based.


but interestingly the only bit of info i did find out was- a question on whether celiacs can drink blue wicked. the answer was - celiacs must eliminate all forms of gluten from their diet. which i thought was a very odd and roundabout way of saying    "no because it contains gluten"  


anybody got any thoughts on the e number thing, tartrazine, alcohol ? i think im on to something as i read that tartrazine can cause intestinal damage and maybe this is my problem not gluten


oh forgot to add that when i was small i was always given orange squash to drink, drank loads of it according to my mum. i never slept,when i did (4 hours a night) i had night terrors, and wet the bed every night. my mum always says im lucky to be here coz she,d have willingly done me in for a good nights sleep lol. 

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