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Bad Breath Halitosis

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has anyone suffered from bad breath because of celiac/gluten sensitivity? and felt improvment after eliminate gluten consumption?


i'm suffering of bad breath and find out gluten sensitivity (not celiac) and i want to know if there's a connection between the two.


thanks for your replies.

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I found this....


[in Part] The stomach is closely linked to the body’s processing of oxygen and breath, so stomach problems are often halitosis causes. Lactose intolerance is one of the common halitosis causes because lactose intolerant patients are unable to process milk properly. When a person who is lactose intolerant ingests milk, his or her body is unable to process the lactose properly. In many cases, the enzymes or bacteria that break down lactose are not functioning properly. These enzymes will often release large quantities of gas during the digestive process, which in turn passes through the mouth, becoming one of the halitosis causes. This process of the digestive system releasing gas through the oral cavity is the cause of halitosis in many people with stomach and digestive conditions.




Although I haven't seen a lot of this discussion on the Forum, it seems logical to me.


Hope this helps.



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