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Celiac, Lyme, Hashimoto's, And More

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I found out I had Celiac in 2007, since then I keep having more and more problems, many food allergies, chemical sensitivities, parasites, candida, heavy metals, possibly Sjogren's, just had celiac disease 57 test for Lyme and it came out positive at 29.  I have also had my thyroid tested 3 times in the past 2 months by 3 different Dr's, first was 2.6, then 5.5, then 1.6, was mentioned that it might be Hashimoto's 


I am so tired of having new things wrong with me constantly, has anyone else been dealing with this?  ANy advice?  Thanks

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I can relate. I joke about how with each of my pregnancies, I received a baby as well as a new diagnosis. And I have a large family  :lol:


It is pretty common for a person with celiac disease to also have Hashi's. Did you have the antibody test for Hashi's?

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