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Already Seeing Improvements... Am I Dreaming?

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So, while researching the gluten-free diet, we just decided to go gluten-free for a few days, to see if we could actually "do" it, while researching it and seeing if we wanted to try it. My children have not had any gluten since Monday morning. And... I think we're seeing improvements!


For my son - he has been noticeably less gassy, and I haven't seen his ears turn red, once. He's also been easier to transition.


For my daughter - two nights in a row now she has gone to sleep without her Melatonin, and last night she slept clear through until 5:30!!!


Is it possible to start seeing improvements that soon, or is it a fluke?

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I think it is very possible that you are seeing improvements already.  I believe when the immediate irritation is taken away, the body can work on healing instead of being in damage control mode.  I hope you found the gluten free diet to be doable.  I think it would be worth it to make the commitment.  Keep in mind that you cannot diagnose Celiac without eating gluten.  If that's no concern then go for it !!



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