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Traveling Abroad - A Risk Factor For Celiac?

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Is traveling abroad a risk factor for celiac disease? Samuel Gee, from back in 1888, made an interesting statement about this below.



Samuel Gee - Wikipedia 






I am interested in your thoughts on this. 

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Hi glutenmaestro,

Welcome! Dr. Benjamin Lebwohl, one of the celiac researchers at Columbia University, just published a review of all that is known about risk factors for celiac disease and he did not include travel.

The link to his paper is here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24211288.


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Thanks for the link. I did some further reading on the Wikipedia article about Samuel Gee and his references to travel, and noted the following paragraph:


The disease he describes in adults, affecting those returning from India and other foreign parts, is likely to have been tropical sprue. For many years this was inadequately distinguished from coeliac disease, which was also known as non-tropical sprue. 

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