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Celiac Disease/candida Overgrowth/guillian-Barre Syndrome

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Hello, thank you in advance for reviewing my post.  My wife is a 42 yr old woman diagnosed with celiac disease and has had a gluten-free diet for a year and a half.  She also has had a lupus diagnosis from a rheumatologist.  Recently she's learned that her intestinal tract is off the chart candida overgrowth and now she's experiencing pins and needles sensation in her feet, legs and thumb and first two fingers/hand....My amateur research skills led me to Guillian-Barre syndrome.  Does anyone have any information or can point me in the direction of information about any cases of women with auto immune issues, intestinal issues and whether that could be indicative of Guillian-Barre? Thank you very much. Vin.

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My understanding of Guillain-Barre is that it has an acute severe onset that should be treated as urgently as possible. This is something you should contact your doctor's office about; do not depend on online armchair advice.

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