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Does Anyone Know If The Children's Chewable Singulair Tablets Are Gluten Free?

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My little guy needs to take Singulair on occasion. We've found that the Singulair works best when he's exposed to cats....well...actually a combination of Singulair at night and Loratadine during the day with a dose of Benadryl if needed. He is ridiculously allergic to cats and it can take him a week to get over an exposure.


I ask about the chewable tablets because for whatever insane reason they stopped making the powder that we would mix in applesauce. :/  And the adult pills that can just be swallowed are more than 2X's the dose he takes at the smallest amount they offer.




The pharmacist at my CVS is beyond useless. I asked if they knew if it was gluten free, the tech went to ask the pharmacist and she said, and I quote "probably not as they put GLUCOSE in a ton of medications for kids to help them taste better." The tech came back and said that to me and I had to actually look at him and tell him that was all fine and good if my son had diabetes but he has Celiac and can't have GLUTEN. He apologized but it wasn't his fault. I heard what he said, the pharmacist was the one to mess it up, not him.


So, yeah. His doctor researched the powdered form while I was sitting in the office with her and nothing in her research showed they discontinued it. I'm rather aggravated. He doesn't need it all the time....just occasionally in the winter and when he's been around cats/farm animals.


I will be calling the company anyway...just was curious if anyone knew off the top of their heads.

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