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  1. Can anyone tell me if they are currently taking the below generic Cholesterol Medications and if they are gluten free. I know that their name brand are gluten free. Atorvastatin Rosuvastatin Thank you
  2. Can anyone tell me if Finasteride is gluten free? It is not on the Gluten Free Drug list but the website states that it is gluten free. I will call the manufacturer on Monday but for the time being does anyone know or take Finasteride? Thank you for your assistance.
  3. Try 100 Percent Pure it is a GREAT brand and most of their products with the exception for 1 or 2 are gluten free. I have been using it for years without issue and I am very sensitive. You can also try Gabriel Cosmetics, Omnia Cosmetics, Mirabella Cosmetic, Red Apple Lipstick, Ecco Beauty
  4. I feel your pain. Gluten free and corn free is difficult. I eat Erewhon rice Crisps or Barbara's makes a rice crisp cereal as well. You can also try yogurt. Read the ingredients some have corn syrup or corn starch. Just an fyi for you high fructose corn syrup does not contain any corn.
  5. I know this is silly question but I have used Dermorganic Hair Spray‎ for so many years. I am having trouble finding it to purchase at a reasonable price. Is there anyone that can recommend a good aerosol hairspray that is gluten free? Thank you.
  6. It is very difficult to avoid corn. It is in so many things. Canola is not corn so you should not have a problem with that unless the oil was part corn oil and part canola. My son has a severe allergy to corn where his throat closes up if he eats corn. I myself have also developed an intolerance...
  7. It can be overwhelming at first but you do have lots of options. Red Apple Lipstick and Acure that others mentioned are gluten free. Gabriel Cosmetics which you can buy on-line which was also mentioned has great products. Tarte Cosmetic is gluten free. There is also a brand called 100 Percent Pure...
  8. I have never used the hair care products from Acure - only the face washed and creams but they are all very good and i have not had any problems. You get them at Target and on Amazon. I have used the DermaOrganic line of hair products with no problems - you can them on Amazon and at Ulta (i believe...
  9. thank you so much - i have no idea why i could not find that email address
  10. I am super bummed. I just went to order my breakfast staple for the last 10 years from Amazon - my case of Enjoy Life's Crunchy Rice - over the last number of years it has gone though name and packaging changes but it has always been there for me for breakfast There is no more in stock at Amazon...
  11. Thank you for this information. I am trying to find contact information for this company It's a 10 so i can inquire about some other allergies that i I have but i can not seem to find an email address or customer service phone number. Could you please pass on the information that you used to contact...
  12. My doctor just prescribed me the medicine ZOLMITRIPTAN for my migraines. Before i pick it up and try it I am trying to find out if this is gluten free. Has anyone taken this medicine or had any idea if it gluten-free? I checked gluten free drugs.com and it is not on the list. Any input would be appreciated...
  13. My doctor wants me to change my cholesterol medicine to Lipitor. I am beginning my research now by contacting my pharmacist and the companies who make generic Lipitor (aka Atorvastatin). But I thought I would start here to see if anyone has ever had any issues with gluten and Atorvastin? Thanks...
  14. I have been on the search recently myself for some gluten free creams and lotions. I had been using many drug store brands which i try to verify as gluten free but I have been experiencing many issues so I tried to change my cosmetics and lotions. I have found a company call Pacifica Perfumes they...