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Celiac And Low Blood Sugar

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I'm new here so sorry if this is in the wrong place! 


I am a 40-something-year old who lives in the UAE. I don't eat anything containing gluten, and eat healthily eg fruit, vegetables, beans, quinoa, lentils (and salted popcorn at the cinema!). I will eat three meals a day, breakfast around 7am, lunch around 2pm, and dinner at 8pm. I generally don't eat unless I am hungry, but I can get very hungry at certain times of the month. I choose my portion size based on what is suggested on the recipe (eg enough for 1 person) rather than eating any more than this.


I go to the gym almost every morning, for 1-2 hours, before breakfast. I work full-time. I live in the UAE so spend a lot of time on the beach at the weekends (but still have to take vitamin-D tablets)!!


I'm currently taking vit B12, gingo biloba, vit C, vit D, calcium, and multi-vitamin tablets (from various suggestions) because I think I have low levels of these.


Just wondered if anyone had any advice or thoughts on being hungry and how to regulate my blood sugar levels? Sometimes in the evenings I can eat entire boxes of chocolates in one go! I had my blood sugar tested around a month ago, which was at the bottom end of normal (70, I think - but I had eaten a HUGE amount before that), but I think my blood sugar is generally quite low. What do you think about getting a blood glucose tester? Has anyone used these before and do they help? If so please can you give details on how many times a day you use them, how long after meals etc? Does anyone have suggestions about good books or people to go to about this kind of issue?


Thank you so so much for any advice at all!!!


And Happy Christmas to all who celebrate it!

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