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Just wondering if anyone has heard of overactive bladder symptoms caused by Spina Bifida improving with a gluten-free diet? 


Background Info:  I have always had an overactive bladder.  If I keep coffee to a minimum and avoid soda and other irritants it isn't so bad.  About 20 years ago I saw a urologist to try to get to the bottom of it and found out I have very mild Spina Bifida (along with a double-ureter system, which is just weird but not causing any problems).  The theory is that the Spina Bifida is allowing extra nerve impulses to get through and they're effecting the bladder.  When the urine gets to a particular level my bladder freaks out momentarily, then calms down until the urine reaches another higher level and then it freaks out again, etc.  My bladder empties completely and is normal size, etc.  I actually consider myself to be very, very, very lucky in that the Spina Bifida is so mild that no one even knew I had it and I have never had a UTI develop into a kidney infection, I have never suffered from an under-active bladder, and it has had no effect on my bowels.  It also doesn't freak out during the night (I can't imagine being 42 and having to deal with wetting the bed!!)


I'm thinking that seeing how this is a physiological nerve thing that I really can't expect going gluten-free to have any effect on it, but just wanted to throw it out there to see if anyone had any experience with it or had heard of symptom improvement with a gluten-free diet?

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