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Would you let your *almost 8 year old* do a craft with pasta for Girl Scouts?  Pasta would be spray painted white first and the activity is decorating it with Sharpie.


I already told them that she can't do it, but now I'm wondering if I'm overthinking.  She would have access to soap and water when finished.  This kid is a chronic lip picker - which is what concerns me.  I could sit next to her during said activity, though, and make sure she keeps her hands off her face.


PS - it's "bow tie" pasta so I can't even find that shape in gluten-free in my area (and I live in a major metropolitan area!).

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It might be a good learning experience for her. If you sat next to her and kept reminding her not to touch her face/lips, she might learn to be more careful around not only this pasta, but anything else that might potentially gluten her.


That's something we ALL have to learn. If we go to the grocery store where there may be gluten on some items (I'm thinking the cakemix aisle where they often put the gluten-free Betty Crocker right next to gluten mixes) and the WE touch our lips, we are asking for trouble. I have also seen people sitting in the deli section of one of our stores chowing down on doughnuts or sandwiches, then they get up and do their shopping.


Of course it's a good idea for EVERYONE, not just celiacs, to get in the habit of washing their hands before touching their faces due to germs. I used to waitress so I learned long before celiac to NEVER touch my face unless I washed my hands first. After touching money and dirty napkins I would have gotten every cold and flu that was going around!

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