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Henoch Schonlein Purpura

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I am fairly sure this is what my skin issue is, and it also has a gastric component, and if it gets worse, a kidney component.  At this point, I think my GP who is also a GI thinks I'm a hypochondriac.  I had this rash much worse last time and he said to stop taking biotin as it may have caused it, and said to see a derm dr.  Of course, I didn't go b/c I had "cured" the rash on my own.  So I went last week to the derm, and I'm fairly sure he said it looks like henoch schonlein, but also said eczema and dermatitis and I did tell him I'd been having gastric issues and stopped gluten, even tho the testing said not celiac.  He gave me a (dangerous) cream that I didn't use. Meanwhile, I've been using lotion and an OTC cortizone (only 2x) and the rash is healing very nicely.  Since Tuesday, however, I have been sick to my stomach with aching intestines and yesterday ran a 101 fever.  By aching intestines I mean that on Tuesday I ate a salad for lunch which tied me up in knots.  On Wednesday I ate an orange as a snack that killed.  So the connection to me was the acid, so I stayed away from that.  Since Thursday I have eaten very little, and only home made pea soup which I seem to tolerate.


I saw no point in trying to see my doctor or go to the walk in clinic b/c there is nothing they could do for me.  If it is coincidentally a virus, they do nothing.  If it is a gastric component of the henoch schonlein purpura, they do nothing unless you have bloody stool.  I cannot say it has affected my kidneys, but I don't see blood in my urine or any pink hue.


So I had yesterday off fortunately and stayed in bed. The few nights prior I went to bed early and tried to rest.  Last night sucked but my fever broke this morning.


Of course, the fever and the "belly aches" could all have been coincidental to the petechia rash on my feet and hands, I understand that.  So, I'm writing here only to a) get it out of my system and B) alert others to henoch schonlein purpura.  I was so convinced that I had celiac, but the tests say no.  However, I absolutely have petechial rash on all 4 extremities, and this time around definitely had intestinal distress.  This is generally a condition that passes, unless there is kidney involvement. Other than that, the doctors do nothing for it.


Maybe I had this all along and it wasn't the gluten...I just don't know.   I'm 6 weeks gluten free and I intend to continue for a while longer.


Thanks for listening.  Its nice to know you're out there.

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