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Swirling Villi

Post Dx Bloodwork - High Ferritin?

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I am posting for my DH, who is 40.  He was diagnosed as Marsh Scale grade IIIb celiac via biopsy in Nov. 2013 and has been very conscientious about his diet.  I have been gluten-free for a few years, so not a huge challenge for us to comply with the diet.  His doc is out of town on paternity leave, and we decided to have bloodwork run prior to the appointment (it will be in early June).  It shows ferritin in the range of 536.  He does not take supplemental iron.  His doctor is not particularly useful, so I thought I'd run this by the forum and see what the indication would be.


CBC all in range except

MCHC (H) 35.5 range is 31.1-34.0

RDW-SD (L) 39.0 range is 41.5-50.2


We some follow-up labs done:

CRP 0.1 range is 0.0-0.9

TIBC 277.5 range is 239-451

serum Iron 104 range is 64-176

%saturation 37


So the results are a bit confounding.  The ferritin genuinely appears to be too high, but surprisingly the serum iron and sat. % is not high.  And it does not look from the CRP as if inflammation is causing the high ferritin reading.  We did order a 23 and me test to check for genetic hemochromatosis.


Is there anything else we should do in the meantime?  He thought about donating a pint of blood to see if he would feel better (less fatigued).  I am curious if a high MCHC could drive down serum iron as a balancing mechanism.


He does have some hypoglycemia, which I have read can possibly improve by normalizing his ferritin.


Any thoughts?  Anyone in the same boat have some sage advice for us??


Thanks so much!


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Hi Michelle and Welcome.


Seriously, I would wait for the Doctor.  As you know, we are not medical professionals here and I would hate to see you take some erroneous advice that could affect his health.  



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I wish I had the faith in our doc. that you do.  Unfortunately, we are in a rural area w/o much access to good docs, and we are seeing the best in the area.  However, he ignored the low blood sugar on DH's earlier tests - didn't mention that DH was having hypoglycemia.  So I am not as much at ease with the doctor as I wish I was.  We were able to do some simple blood sugar testing and find meals that affect DH's blood sugar a lot less & make him feel better, I just wish the doc would take an interest in this stuff so we don't have to DIY it.


I have read in a PubMed study that sometimes as celiacs heal, it will reveal hemochromatosis and I am suspecting that DH will have one or more chromosomes for hemochromatosis.  Judging by the responses here, it seems like it's not very common though.  And I will be shocked if our doc. has seen it before.





ps. I have low ferritin and saw the doc's PA last week, and was offered antidepressants because 'it must be depressing to feel tired'.  I was hoping they'd help me with a good strategy to bring up my ferritin.  Oh well. :)  One more DIY project.

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