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Blood Sugar, Fatigue, And Vitamin Deficiencies

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Just wondering if anyone out there has any familiarity with the vitamin deficiencies affecting gluconeogenesis and blood sugar levels.

I ask because I have a hypothesis that those who are gluten-free may be more likely to suffer from specific vitamin deficiencies that can interfere with the body's ability to convert food to energy (gluconeogenesis) and also to access stored energy reserves (fat). Symptoms could include anything from fatigue and headaches, reactive hypoglycemia, heart palpitations and sleeping poorly, or any other blood-sugar symptom. 

This could be a problem before going gluten free due to malabsorption, or after going gluten-free due to the avoidance of foods most often fortified with certain vitamins. 

Anyone have any thoughts? I already know that there are studies that prove that deficiencies in B1 and B6 will decrease gluconeogenesis. But I'm specifically looking for insight from those who are gluten-free or have suffered malabsorption caused by gluten and how their deficiencies have created or affected problems with blood sugar.

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