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Could This Be A Dh Reaction?

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Hi Everyone, 


I have Gluten sensitivity. I've been gluten free since February 5th. Beginning three days ago I began using a hand cream with vitamin E and to my surprise on the third day of use I happened to be in the sun and I got a terribly itchy rash in all the places I used it. The rash was particularly bad on my forearms. I had a similar rash on my scalp and groin, however, it cleared up since going gluten free. In addition to the rash I also noticed my anxiety and depression has ramped up considerably. My initial thought was this was a reaction to the sun, however, this didn't make any sense because I've been in the sun many without this type of reaction. We happened to read the ingredients on the hand cream and noticed "wheat germ oil". In looking this up I noticed it is refined so that gluten may not be a problem but I am allergic to wheat also, a slow reaction allergy, igG.


My sense is that my immune system ramped up to cause these reactions. Can anyone tell me if this might be a typical DH rash?


Thank you,



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I wonder...I do have DH and I also get terribly itchy if I use creams with wheat in them.  My two reactions are two different things.  If I eat enough gluten I get DH, I don't seem to get it from cross contamination thankfully.  DH is a blistery itchy rash.  I can feel it coming 2-3 days before the blisters show up. 


If I use shampoo or conditioner for example, my scalp gets extremely itchy for two or three days then dry scalp usually follows.  Reading your post I would guess your wheat allergy is what caused that and it's not DH. 

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