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Hello, i'm going to be traveling with my Celiac husband to the Yucatan later this year. We'll be spending several nights in Valladolid, Mexico (where we will have a kitchen,) one night in Merida (with no kitchen) and a week in Tulum (also no kitchen.) I'm not worried about Tulum, where there seem to be lots of gluten free options. I'm wondering if anyone has tips on Mecxico, but especially the Yucatan in general, and particularly for Valladolid and Merida. We're hoping to eat out at some wonderful authentic restaurants. I know lots of Mexican food is naturally gluten free, but of course don't want my husband to get sick on our trip. Thanks!

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1 hour ago, SheldonVancouver said:

I am doing the same trip this year, any suggestions for Merida, Tulum or anywhere inbetween.



Best related thread I could find is the one below



That thread you reference is 11 years old.  I bet it will be easier to find gluten free now. 

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Good point. I should have noticed that.   

yes I hear that things have gotten easier,  I'll post a post trip summary, but the pre trip research is going well.

Walmart is very helpful, if the deep friers are separated at Mc Donald's the kids will love that.   At the beach we will also stay at near Celestun there is reportedly a lady that makes tortillas from scratch, with corn and no wheat so we will be able to eat more healthily there.  Our son's celiac is quite sensitive so we might have to only visit the fancier restaurants in Merida that really do have a separate cooking are for allergies.

Fortunately we will have a car so the combination of 3 kids and investigating should be easier.

Numen sounds fantastic http://www.inspiringfood.com.mx/


Lots of reviews imply cross contamination, so if we aren't up for a kitchen inspection we will eat at the rented condos or houses and then explore the city.  Finding gluten-free frozen treats will be a nice achievement!


Perhaps in a few years gluten will also be listed in the nutritional info by more major chains



We did a great trip in Turkey a few years ago and while there was a range of quality/taste, we had no issues with finding and verifying a wide range of products were gluten free.  Mexico should be fun too!


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