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I Feel "normal"

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So last night I went to a sports game, got really hungry and went looking all over the stadium for a gluten-free option and ended up getting some ribs from one of the concession stands. When I get back to my seat, the lady behind me asks if they are good, and I said "it's the best value I've found in a ball park, especially since I can't have most of the stuff they have here." That lead to a convo that started by her saying "I'm gluten free, so I normally get just the BBQ meat from that stand." As we are talking, I ask her what places are safe to eat since I'm new to celiac and to the area. She told me Mellow Mushroom was one place she always trusts......I had no clue at all they had a gluten-free crust!

So I went there tonight (one of the busiest nights of the year since they are on broad street and it was fireworks and a first Friday block party tonight). I sat at the bar cuz I was alone and didn't want to wait an hour for a table alone, and when I asked for a gluten free menu the bartender pulled out their regular menu. I was worried until she opened to a flap that said something to the effect of "gluten free people can be regular too". I was surprised cuz most places hand you a separate menu (normally a piece of paper), so I actually felt like a regular person looking at the "real" menu.

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:D  Glad to hear you finally had a good experience somewhere!  Mellow Mushroom is awesome with their gluten-free pizza handling and such.  The location by me has great salads and does not have gluteny stuff near the salad station, so I can get a gluten-free salad loaded with veggies and a really good creamy ranch dressing.  

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