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Rapid Weight Gain, Have I Been Glutened?

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I've put on 4 pounds in a week, and am now paranoid I was glutened. I went to a July 4th cookout and the only things I ate were corn, which I grilled in the husk and ate straight off the grill, no butter or salt. I had some fruit salad and a special vegetable salad the host made specifically gluten free. The only problem was I got there a little late and it was on a table with other things and I was too weak to say no, I couldn't risk it.


Before being diagnosed, my only possible sign of celiac was the wild fluctuations in my weight. I could go from 118 to 123 in a day.


Other possible reasons: PMS. I did get my period, but that was days ago, and the water weight should be off by now. I did a really hard workout and that sometimes causes swelling as the muscles try to heal. Last, now I'm really paranoid that the budesonide I'm taking is causing a coritsol overload and this is a side-effect. It's one of the not common side effects listed.


I really don't enjoy the feeling of this blob of fat on my normally pretty flat stomach, but I suppose that does come with my age and could be perimenopause changes. I haven't made any changes in my diet or been over eating to actually put on that much weight in a few days.


I don't know why I'm posting this. I guess I'm just freaking a little bit and want reassurances. I don't want to go off the budesonide because it's solved my D completely. Even if I was glutened, I have had no problems in that area.




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