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Excess Fat And Oil In Stool

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My first post. I have been gluten free 9 months now. still pooping oil and fat. NO matter what I eat small or big I feeling pain. Have had stomach issues al my life.Never putting it together. Got the flu Jan 1,2014 read if I ate toast would help break up my mucus.Over course of 3 days ate 2 loafs of gluten enriched bread. this is how I found forum though I was going to die that night. Pains I was feeling I put in google. so I'm to wondering how long will I poop fat and oil. or what to ask my doctor to test for .Not knowing anything to do . pancreas blood work ok stool sample ok. why pains with every meal. Taking medicine 30 mins  before meal still nothing. Hope this is coming out right or if I posted it in right area . thanks much. Hoping  to make friends.  :(   

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