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Pelvic Pain

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Hi all,


I read through an old post on this topic but it got a little off-topic by the end so I thought I'd start a new thread (I'm newish around here, so please let me know if it's better to just revive the old thread!).


In any case, I wanted to share what I've learned about pelvic pain and Celiac Disease, as I think it is under-discussed and really important. It's also a common issue in general and again, under-discussed and mis-diagnosed.


I was struggling a lot with pelvic pain, manifested especially in a constant urge to urinate and pain when doing so. Long story short, I saw a pelvic physical therapist for a while and had a massive improvement in symptoms. I later learned that having a disgestive disease can affect your pelvic health, due to muscle straining and cramping, and even the leaking of toxins into your gut.


So, if you're having pelvic pain, urge incontinence (aka you can't hold your pee when you need to go), stress incontinence (e.g. leaking when you sneeze), burning when you pee, etc., etc., I highly highly recommend seeking out a pelvic PT.


Here are some excellent resources on the topic:


Blogs by Pelvic PTs:






A writer's personal essay in a mainstream magazine:




And this book is an excellent book for understanding the origins of pelvic problems and it has an at-home program that you can follow:




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