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Treating Motility Disorder?

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Hi friends,

After dealing with a roundabout diagnostic path that led me toward, and back away from, refractory celiac disease, I am left with persistent nausea that is suggested to be likely a motility disorder that was probably triggered by my (general) celiac disease.
Has anyone here been treated successfully for motility problems? My symptoms are primarily nausea about 3 hours after eating, around when my stomach empties.
I’ve tried Zofran and mirtazapine for nausea; neither helped particularly. I was given domperidone to try for a month—I think this brought on the nausea quicker and made it go away quicker too (makes sense; increased motility/transit from stomach). I ran out of it recently and thought I’d test myself going without it. I reckon I felt a little better with the domperidone, though not problem solved. Perhaps suffering some rebound from stopping the domperidone.
I’ve been told to stay away from Reglan/metoclopramide—nasty side effects.
Any thoughts or shared experiences would be much appreciated.

33 y/o male

Celiac and proud since 2007 - endoscopy/biopsy

Confirmed HLA genes 2014

Strict gluten-free diet since diagnosis

Post-eating nausea despite diet began Aug 2014


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