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I am 2.5 years post diagnosis. I have had a celiac panel done six months after diagnosis and then each year since. I am always eager to get those test results since I had no symptoms when I was diagnosed, and have never felt "glutened" even though I'm sure I must have made some mistakes along the way. Luckily the results of the Celiac Panel have been very good-- my antibodies in the normal range. 


When my GI sent me my most recent results , he wrote 


- the Celiac Panel lab result is normal and this is good news.
- this means the disease is in remission


I was apalled that he used the word remission. No! The Celiac disease did not go away --- it's being controlled with a gluten free diet! He---sadly--- is the same GI - who after my first follow up appointment suggested that since I healed so well that I can occasionally treat myself "to a special treat" ( I did not follow that advice)


So I did some research -- and on the University of Chicago's website - which I think is one of the best - it states:


you can assess remission if everything is perfectly fine clinically. In other words, if the symptoms that were present prior to a gluten-free diet have not returned, you may be able to assume the disease continues to be in remission.


I was so surprised that they used the word remission as well. I think that the word remission is very misleading -- making it sound like the disease has gone away. Just like a diabetic who depends on insulin still has diabetes -- I feel that Celiacs who depend on a gluten-free diet still have Celiac.


What do you all think of the word remission?

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I think it the correct term to use.  Remission does not mean the disease has gone away but has become dormant....the symptoms have disappeared as a result of treatment, which would be the gluten-free diet.  It becomes squirrely when you are an asymptomatic Celiac or have symptoms that are atypical.


Congratulations on the success of your diet!

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Yeah, remission is not the same as cured.

gluten-free since June, 2011

It took 3 !/2 years but my intolerances to corn, soy, and everything else (except gluten) are gone!

Life is good!



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